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  1. Back at you buddy, I'm glad we finally got to meet and trade. I'm sure we'll be trading a lot more. It was good meeting you today.
  2. I have misc. Engine pieces for the svo but not much. I do have some mopar stuff that I'm going to trade that might interest you.
  3. Yes it is whats left of it. It has a combination of the revell 93 cobra pieces in with it.
  4. Unfortunately my kit is missing most of the engine. Sorry.... i do have some extra foxbody pieces
  5. I will check when I get home but im pretty sure ive got a svo 4 cylinder turbo engine still on the trees you can have. I know we live in the same area so I'll check after work and if it's all there your more than welcome to it.
  6. That's how i built my 63 fury. I had to remove a small section from the rear floor area.
  7. I remember going with my dad to his shop where race engine design is now and to his shop on cloud springs rd. Years ago. Sorry for the hijack Francis.
  8. My dad was a huge mopar guy and he owned a few as well, he was good friends with John labbous . My dad had a 70 superbee with a 440 and a 4 speed probably one of the fastest stock cars I've ridden in.
  9. Yes sir. I'm hoping to have some decals made so that i can build a couple.
  10. Looking good, I've got one i plan on building soon. The town i live in used these as police cars back in the late 70s to mid 80s. All of them were 4 speeds, i was fortunate enough to own one in the early 90s.
  11. I agree, i stopped watching years ago. Paint all the cars white and you can't tell a ford from a toyota.
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