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  1. this is my recreated 54 chevy chopped pickup. i was lookin for bad azz with some meat on the pavement and blown for some boogie. i used a 55 nomad chassis under it since my creative bodies are just body kits. i like chopped looks, but some are little to much.
  2. been almost a year since ive been able to post on here again after i lost my my computer and changed my .com so since ive created some new pieces i wanted to share. this 57 chevy stepside, built in april 2023 chopped pancaked, lowered and rear fenders made longer. thanx for looking. glen
  3. 39 coupester with matranga roof, front fenders made slightly larger as the merc was to the fords. my resin body
  4. my 54 chevy double cab pickup finished over the weekend. built 7/9/23. used 50 chevy kit as donor, extended frame in middle, swapped front suspension from a built 58 chevy impala amt parts kit. i think tires and wheels were from an escalade parts kit. damodelguy
  5. 54 chevy 210 coupe custom made with one of my casted 53 210 coupes. customized front and rear, chopped. i used a 69 dart chassis, 383 engine and interior. a model buddy, tom used a 49 ford chassis and interior.
  6. i got one of my 41 chevys finished. i made my 41 chopped, into a little beefy look. the interior is 62 chevy modified width, and an unknown chassis that was in the 62s parts box. i rolled the rear into the body some to get its rear tucked under. built 7/20/23
  7. 50 austin body cut for 1/2 inch added down middle. sits on a shelby series 1 donor kit with tweeks here and there. built from my body 7/4/23
  8. 53 jeep pickup custom, has parts box interior, sits on chassis(extended) and motor(moved forward) from donor kit 32 vicky phantom. built from my body 7/6/23
  9. 39 chevy pickup body sits on 39 chev y panel donor kit. built from my body 7/3/23
  10. 58 impala and a 59 el comino kitbash. the one that should have started the el comino for gm. you blew it fellers, the shoulda been!
  11. my build of my resin 53 jeep wagoneer. my donor kit was the jeep honcho revell kit. forgle9 ebay glen damodelguy
  12. my built resin, 57 chevy stepside custom. AMT 57 kit was donor. forgle9 ebay glen damodelguy
  13. Thought id introduce you to a bit of a long term build, my 64 Impala ! So there was a catorgory at Lowrider shows for Radical builds, its all a bit more subtle now, but i used to love those cars, so I thought id build one ! So whats going on ? I never did like standard, so heres the ideas... So far ! the whole back half of the car will tilt up on hydraulics split front bonnet / wings joined, and tilting upwards split rear boot/rear panel joined,, probably opening up the same as the front ! opened rear section by the bottom of the rear window chassis needs boxing ! will have suicide doors, scratchbuilt fur/mirrored interior, and a detailed chassis with complete hydraulic install... maybe a new front and rear end style, roof chopped and a split targa roof, tilting up ! Can only do a bit at a time, theres nothing left to glue together otherwise.. ! The floorpan is an old one i'd already added a smooth firewall too, and later broke ! So this is repaired and going in the mix, with smooth floors underneath ! Hopefully i can get this back to being one piece again, wish me luck eh ! !
  14. my recreation of a 56 lincoln, wagon. 57 chrysler used as donor kit. caught the cat before she was a burglar.
  15. finally built my chopped resin of 40 ford 5 window, finished 1/21/23
  16. so i created 24 this year, of them i got 20 built this year and 3 more built this year created last year, 4 created this year havnt built yet. confussed, me too, but heres my 23 builds for 2022. thanx to all for looking, and big thank you to those who supported my resin adventure this year. glen damodelguy all have a great new year
  17. my other project finished 12/20/22. kitbashed 61 chevy and 59 el comino, the other one that shudda been made by gm. thanx glen damodelguy
  18. 59 mercury convertible, 59 el comino, thanx for the look, damodelguy
  19. lindberg 48 lincoln kit made into a ute, seen a real car pic(who knows these daz) from the rear corner of something real similar i always like. decided to give it a go. thanx damodelguy
  20. decided to chop a 41 plymouth with roof line i visualized to build and cast. lowered the suspension. 10/18/22 thanx damodelguy
  21. 65 gto and a 66 chevy el comino. a mino goat, that shoulda been. thanx damodelguy
  22. my 51 studebaker front, kitbashed with the 49 merc woody kit.
  23. my resin recreation , ive had some time at the bench this week, even got to work on my 60 edsel wagon. i used the 60 ford kit, play with width of dash to make sides fit inside of body. getting there damodelguy body shows on e bay
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