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  1. You're one of my favourite forum members , man ! Would like to see your input and involvement again .


  2. To hold the T.V. to my lips
     the air so packed with cash
    carry it up a flight of stairs
    and drop in a vacant lot .

  3. Tulio ! Where have you been these days , my friend ? I hope that you are doing well . Please reply to this message !



    1. Lovefordgalaxie



      A '78 Cherger and a '69 Galaxie LTD

      Looks like there is a VW Brasilia on the back there.

  4. Tell me who sends these
    Infamous gifts.
    To make such a promise
    And make such a slip.
    Oh no
    Can't pull a trick
    Never the rose
    Without the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH

  5. _______________ Generation

  6. <---Molly Anne McCalico (18.MAY.2002 - Present)

  7. <--- "60" and "215" shields are greenouts over "US 60" and "US 395" .

  8. Paranoid Paradox of Paradigmic Proportions

  9. Les yeux sans visage

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