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  1. 9 minutes ago, Jon Cole said:

    Perhaps the "Molded in the USA" branding also means packaged in the USA; thus possibly avoiding the anticipated shipping delays of other kits due to coronavirus manpower shortages in China?

    Quite obviously. Shipping them to China (or Poland) to put them in a box and shipping them back would be silly.

    Those other two Revell kits that are supposed to be out next month aren't effected by the COVID issues because they'd already have to be here in order to be on shelves in March when you consider how many (at least three) levels of U.S. shipping a kit goes through from Port to Shelf. Otherwise Revell would know those kits are delayed and wouldn't have announced last week they'd be out in March.

  2. On 2/19/2020 at 4:23 PM, Casey said:

    I honestly wouldn't expect to see any more variations of the LUV from Revell. This kit was likely planned before the Hobbico bankruptcy, and I have my doubt new Revell is going to dig too deeply into the tooling vault at this point.

    Buuuuuuuuuut the LUV tooling is still in the U.S., which means Blitz had to determine that this reissue still had worth to keep that piece and not send it off with the rest of the misfit toys to Atlantis. I mean April will be 2 years since the sale, I doubt they've had a bunch of boxes and decals sitting around waiting all this time.

    When I was at NNL East last year Ed said digging in the vault was something the new ownership specifically wanted to do to maximize their investment. See the "new" Wrangler Rubicon with "Day 2" Factory Stock parts that have been lying unused since that kit was tooled in 2004.

  3. The hiccup will be seen into the early summer. Consider how far ahead retail items are manufactured and shipped out, that's why people can complain about Hobby Lobby having Christmas stuff out the day after Labor Day. February's Round2 kits are already in stores, and I got dollars to donuts the March kits were done and on their way prior to Lunar New Year because they were already going to shutter operations for 7-10 days anyways. The question would then become whether or not April's kits were on the water as well pushed out ahead of time. Because the U.S. Ports have allowed Chinese loaded vessels to dock and unload, they've just confined crews to the ships while at the docks.

  4. 11 hours ago, Luc Janssens said:

    Interesting also, that it says, "molded in the USA" which means not all of the tooling left the country or was sold.

    Blitz only disposed (via sale to Atlantis) the oddball, off scale, and scratch and dent stuff they had no use for, the rest was transferred from Elk Grove Village to the facility in Chicago Heights that had been running their US based tooling for several years prior to Hobbico imploding.

  5. 2 hours ago, Plowboy said:

    Tim, do you know if the Halibrands will still be an option for the '30 coupe?

    There should be a complete swap engine & wheels for both. Eg the 29 gets the SBC and "Hallibrand"s, and the 30 gets the Buick mill and the '29s optional wheels.

  6. 8 hours ago, Ben Brown said:

    Looking forward to your WIP!

    I'm not looking forward to removing the place number mount from the windshield of my M6 so I can build an IMSA car.  😥


    FWIW any of the other 3 versions of the M6 (Falken, Team Italia, or the just releases Schnitzer Macau) all have regular windshields. The windshield with the number board in it is correct for the 24hrs of Spa cars the kit represents so I can't kill NuNu for that.

  7. They also aren't making these videos for the 1% of the 1% of the hobby that inhabits this forum with their near constant berating of Chad on the monthly basis. You all should know what's coming well in advance of the monthly release videos. I'd also go out on a limb and say no amount of "jazzing" up the excitement is going to make the 32nd Dodge Dart you're buying any more exciting than the previous 30 unless you really want that new decal sheet.

  8. 36 minutes ago, DiscoRover007 said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if they release a TS spray with this one. Tamiya has a lot of metallic blues but I could see them paint matching one specific to the mustang GT4.

    Usually they display the paint with the model if they're doing a special color. If you find shots of the 1/12 934 Valliant reissue it has a can of that shade of green beside the built example. 

  9. 37 minutes ago, BVC500 said:


    Was the Revell supposed to be a new kit or a rebox of the Italeri?

    Rebox of Italeri. They have had over the years a working relationship of doing that with their large truck line.

  10. That Eagle II is a version of that kit that was already released that has more detail added. The original version clocks in with a MSRP over just shy of $150. Meaning they sold enough $150 kits to justify offering an even more detailed one at $175.

    Meanwhile any new tool automotive kit from a regular company(Revell, Moebius, Round2) has to have 3-5 variants baked in to be greenlighted in order to sell enough kits to amortize the tooling costs because of the artificial - MAH KiTs ShOulD CoSt WhaT tHey dId iN DaH 60s - price caps. Belkits models cost $52-65 depending on how you source one. Their customers are diehard rally/race car builders who are willing to subsidize their subject matter. But by and large are car modelers as a whole? 

  11. Well take a gander at the MSRP of the average Round2 car kit with the price of the new SciFi kit and tell me who's willing to spend more money to get new tool kits with a high level of detail and who's demanding they make a '68 Coronet but not have it cost more than $5 in the process. Round2's FB, IG, YT pages are all people demanding old kits, or accusing them of ripping them off with how much kits cost. Sooooo...


  12. 1 hour ago, Mike999 said:

    Whoa!  Somebody's doing a Mercedes 600 "Pullman" 6-door limo in full Dictator Spec!  Anybody have any other info on this thing?

    I've wanted a model of that monster for years. But depending on the scale, I suspect the price might be close to that of a real one.  Wonder if it includes a set of scale microphones, so Dear Leader can rant at the adoring masses.


    It's a 1/18 diecast from Classic Model Car and is clocking in around $900.

  13. 2 hours ago, BVC500 said:

    Thank you, sir!  I hadn't run across that photo yet. Glad it's a new tool and I hope it's followed by the convertible.  This may be the most exciting release this year, followed by the MX-5 RF, for me. At least styrene kits.  Can't wait for the Alpha Models Aston Martins and new Ferraris.  Aoshima also cryptically said on their FB page that they'll produce more exciting models in 2020. Hopefully that means new car kits and not variants of pre-existing ones.

    I was nonplussed with the Jag. Sorta "Chernobyl", not great, but not terrible. But then I reflected on the fact, that's probably because every model of that Jag has been some 1960s fiddly mess of ya know to assemble. I'm willing to give 2020 Revell a shot at it and see what they come up with this Fall. 

    I did notice Aoshima had no mention of the Pagani Zonda which they first teased there last year and showed 3D CAD drawings of in October...I'm not sure how many more of those Toyota Taxis they can release as they're up to 4 next month. They extensively plumbed the old tooling for the past 18 months and the past 2-3 months 99% of pre-orders have been nothing but reissues of those 18 months of reboxings. So something new has to come along sooner than later.

    Alpha's McLaren 720 should be out in March along with a Ferrari Pista.

  14. Unless they were actively archiving the Live Chat it instant disappeared into the ether as soon as the live stream ended. It was there to make people feel like they were part of something, but they were also clearly all but ignoring it during the stream up to the last 10 minutes. 

  15. It's nice to see something like this where a company is trying to interact with their customers. The teases at future products were intriguing, and while it was again nice to see production/test shots of the Impala, Camaro & Vega none of those three are things anyone here didn't already know about.

    If there's one take away from it that I hope people get, it's the level of complexity of tooling new parts onto old models. As he mentioned they're on the 2nd retool of the Camaro front core. Lotta folks seem to think Round2 can just snap their fingers and insta-make parts for all of these old non-CAD data based kits from the past.

  16. 1 hour ago, Luc Janssens said:

    Think it's a reissue...

    It's either completely new, or at least modified as the original kit from long ago was a Pony 2 (2nd Gen post 1982) and that is a 1st Gen Pony. It also doesn't seem to have the crazy tall greenhouse the first kit has...

  17. On 1/28/2020 at 2:51 PM, jaymcminn said:

    I think RoG was supposed to release the 250swb a few years back but for reasons unknown the deal fell through.

    Revell (and in hindsight I blame Hobbico for it) announced that kit around the same time the licensing for Ferrari needed to be renegotiated, and in the end they decided it was too expensive and the 250SWB project went up I'm flames and took the rest of their Ferrari kits with it.

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