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  1. 6 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

    I wonder if Model King has an agreement with the companies not to reissue it before a certain amount of time. There are quite a few I'd like to see back again.

    Well Dave has worked with Revell and Moebius since then, given that the Comet release he did was 16 going on 17 years ago. I think any exclusivity ended awhile ago.

  2. On 10/26/2021 at 10:37 AM, SfanGoch said:

    High-volume injection mold tooling can be produced using DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering).

    Granted but plastic model kits aren't high-volume anymore.  I bet some of these newer tools (say post 2008) out there haven't even seen 50k cycles. 3D printing as it's used now in the industry is for making rapid prototypes of what the tooling will spit out prior to committing to making a single nick on the metal.  Even then it's not necessarily a technique that most American companies took advantage of until very recently.


    12 minutes ago, Sledsel said:

    Prolly off topic, but updating existing kits would be a plus in my book. 63 and 64 Impalas/Galaxies with a detailed chassis and interior? Would that not involve just tooling up interior pieces since the floor frame and firewall are available from the 62 Impala and 61 Starliner? Same for the 66 Mustang and 68 Shelby among others.

    My 2 cents

    But older tooling isn't modular, and that's pretty much every single thing AMT ever made up until they were sold off in the 90s.  None of those tools were done with CAD, or designed to be run piece meal, so to create what you want you'd have to run two entire kits, along with the new interiors to get one model kit.  


    21 hours ago, Justin Porter said:

    Right, wrong, or somewhere in between, first the sales numbers for the full-bumper '70 Camaro have to tell Round 2 that the much more laborious tool modifications to convert the AMT/Ertl '71 Duster into a '71 Dodge Demon (because resurrecting the known-to-be inaccurate AND primitive MPC kit is a fool's errand) make financial sense. 

    But Round2 didn't have to do much tooling modification to make the full bumper Camaro.  That tooling was always designed with a separate core piece in the front fascia, but the Ertl AMT never lasted long enough to make get around to making that variant of the kit.  The problems with that "re-tool" came up when they 3D scanned a full bumper Camaro and found out the Z/28 tooling wasn't level side to side and they had to tweak it "wrong" to make it look right.  I'm not sure there's a way to make a Demon out of the Duster without destroying the Duster in the process unless you're talking about creating entirely new body & interior tooling to drop on the Duster chassis.  I also wonder how well that Demon would actually sell. I know it's unobtanium and that makes it seem like there's a demand - but that demand is for a wildly cheaper version to buy than an original.  I'm not sure a few guys on a forum and one dedicated champion for it on the Round2 videos translates into the sales needed to basically tool up 75% of a new kit.  I think the Nova Wagon, two Olds kits, and the Garbage Truck are better comparisons in terms of sales vs. investment in terms of making a Demon a reality.  I would expect making a new "old" '68/'69 (especially if they can figure out a way to engineer it to produce both the way Revell did with the two new Chevelle kits of the same years) Coronet would sell vast quantities more units than an A Body not quite performance car.

  3. 5 hours ago, GMP440 said:

    To get back on topic.  How cost effective is for Round 2 take a kit, from their archives in which the tooling is not there and use 3D printing to do new tooling?  Subjects such as the 68 or 69 Bonneville, 71 Dodge Demon, 68 or 69 C-10 truck where the tooling is no longer there could be done this way.

    Are you talking about 3D Scanning, as is what was done with the 4070A and an original was used to formulate the new tooling? Because 3D printing doesn't have much usefulness beyond creating a rapid prototype that you can use to "fact check" the tooling before you actual start cutting the steel.  

  4. 49 minutes ago, Mr. Metallic said:

    Is it reasonable to assume that Revell releases comng to north America are running about 3 months behind Europe (due to backed up posts, Covid, etc)? Since earlier in this thread shops in Europe had this kit back in June and are just now hitting shelves in the USA, I can maybe expect the 30 coupe that appears to be hitting shelves in Europe starting last month, in the US in January?

    The kits going to Germany and coming here on not on the same boats, so transit times are not comparable.  What we get here depends on their ability to even get it on a boat to the U.S., and then when it gets off the boat, how long it takes for someone to fish it out of the pile at the dock, delays on the railroads, etc.

    The first real public mention of the FnF Ford Lightning was in Las Vegas, and that kit was then released here a few weeks later BEFORE European sales.  But as you point out this Bronco has been around for months in Europe & Asia before it strolled into stock here last week.  

  5. But how are the 8 lightbars tooled up in 2006 considered "Classic"?  I could go off on a separate tangent about what mediocre representations of the 1:1s they are, but that's a warehouse fire for another day.


    No I would presume you're getting the Twin Rotator "Mars" Style bar from the Impala Fire Chief/70 Galaxie, the twin single beacons from the Chevy Van Police/Fire kit, and the retool Twinsonic that they just did for the CHP version of the Monaco.

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  6. Just for perspective...

    The Star Trek USS Enterprise that was in the most recent Round2 monthly video has an Autoworld Store price of $164.99

    Border Models somehow got a hold of some of the old WingNut Wings tooling, and will be releasing the 1/32 Avro Lancaster - Andy's Hobby HQ has that available for pre-order for $599.99

    Those kits will both sell out...car modeling is still the cheapest modeling there is, it's also the only one where every time a kit is announced a conga line of people show up and tell everyone what they won't be buying.  

    This truck is what...75% new? The cab, interior, and one would presume engine carry over, but the entire frame - which leads me to believe at least parts of the suspension (since the driveshaft in nothing else wouldn't be the right length anymore) if not the entire suspension system, the business end of the kit, the wheels, fuel tank, etc are all new.  Nobody pays retail, it'll shelf price for around $73 depending on how much of the wholesale gets passed on by your LHS/online vendor.  Is $73 "worth it" for this kit, that's entirely a personal decision.  But for people who don't keep track the MSRP on the Moebius LoneStar/ProStar is now $80.

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  7. I've developed a working theory over the past few years that's made the hobby a great deal more enjoyable personally. It's come as I've delved more and more into the backside of the hobby as it were in terms of production and decision making. I don't say this as a be all end all, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me. 

    Having said that, every project has a budget, and sure it would be great if gaffes weren't made no matter who's responsible for the mismeasurements. But eventually money and time runs out, and the project has to get out the door. 

    My theory is something I call - The 99% Trifecta, and it goes as follows.

    99% of the people buying the kit don't care about the problem. 

    99% of the people who see the built kit won't know what the problem is (because there is a)

    99% chance the built model and the 1:1 example will never exist in the same time at the same place.

    That doesn't mean I want to accept some sort of sloppy mess of a kit, but there should be a series out called - Why the Business of the Hobby Should be Your Business.  Kits don't just magically fall out of the air or show up in The Blueprinter or the old SA(E) ads from Hobby Heaven anymore. Take a hot minute and invest some time into the how's and why's of kit manufacturing, you might not like/agree with all of the answers, but it makes a lot more sense if you grasp why things happen the way they do.

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  8. Who are you people paying $60 for Hasegawa kits? Both of the upcoming new tool kits (117 & MR2) are less than $25. Very rarely have their kits touched into the $30s unless it's a licensed related race car livery. 

    My LHS charges $28.50 for the most recent few months of Round2 releases, and it's not like that price is going lower...ever. 

    If you don't have a LHS, or the kit isn't carried at Hobby Lobby (Moebius, Salvinos), the upcoming increase in USPS rates is going to make that Hasegawa kit shipped from Japan (if it existed) cost the same as an online purchased MPC Supra (if it existed).

    I'd also argue that AT THE TIME a 1/25 Celica Supra made sense. But at this point it's the wrong scale to fit in with all of the Toyota kits made since 1983, including the following 3 Generations of Supras.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Classicgas said:

    I give up. One thing everyone I'm sure knows about me, I'm no rivet counter. Everyone ragged like crazy about a hard for me to see 1" problem with the revell jaguar roof. I didn't see it. Got labeled as accepting mediocrity. Now I see a legitimate questionable issue that clearly isn't right and I'm still wrong. Hopefully mobius gets the stock one done correctly. A friend of mine that knows the subject well thinks it's still off as well and he said as highly anticipating this kit. I'm damned if I do damned if I don't.

    You're not wrong, but it's just one of those "Is what it is" type scenarios. It's too late to fix it, as the required fix would require scrapping the entire body tool and also the clear runner (to make the windows bigger). Unless they can do something with an optic illusion.

    The Revell Charger thing is always brought up and so I asked Ed about that in Vegas and he said that all they did with that was remove material from inside the roof area to make it appear to have a higher roof, BUT in fact the windows between the "chopped" roof and the "fixed roof" are in fact the exact same ones and so the entire fix to it is in fact an optical illusion that makes the roof appear higher. But is not in fact higher physically. 

    It's the old thing of not costing any more to get it right the first time, but I've said before and I'll say again - once a test shot is shown in the stage where they are being built up, that's how it's coming.

  10. 12 hours ago, keyser said:

    $7 bump - 40% is only $4.20. Lol. 
    Assume Revell jacked Roth around like TD? Other than truck decals (all the show semis Roth did?) what tool does R2 have for this? 
    Buy license so Revell tool bank has to sit? 
    Or more wrapped shelf sitters for Roth memorabilia people. Odd. 

    10% of 71.95 would be $7.19...$7.20 for rounding. 40% would be over 28 bucks.

  11. 24 minutes ago, Jim B said:

    So, hypothetically speaking & I realize no one has actually seen the kits yet; but how difficult do you think it would be to adapt a Mustang or Charger body to these race chassis?  To be completely accurate, you'd need to swap the engine as well; but it's an interesting thought experiment.

    Mustang or Camry...there hasn't been a Charger in NASCAR in 10 years when next season starts...should be adaptable from the resin bodies that were created to fit the last Revell SS/Fusion kits. Salvinos is keeping with the tradition of the kits being in 1/24, not sure what the wheelbase differences are between the SS and Camaro chassis, that would be the biggest issue, since you can always trim to add material to get it to fit front/rear.

    If Jim & Rick are really going to make EVERY Petty car ever driven, they've said that is a goal, they'll need a Ford license some day to make the Torino. Amortized across a 2021 Mustang, Gen 6 Mustang, and the older Monogram Thunderbirds they have the tooling to...you'd think it would be affordable in the long run.

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  12. 10 hours ago, alexis said:

    After spending some Quality Time drooling over Tim's photos, I have to say that if this kit does not please you, very little from Round2 will.

    I understand that certain subject matter builders (Supercars, JDM Fans, ect.) may not like it, but American Iron Builders of all kinds should be buying this kit in case-lots if only for the extra goodies. There is a essentially complete Diorama in each box. Just add time and paint. Add the new Mooneyes Dragster, or Revell Slingster, or even the Revell Kurtis Midget and everything will make a magnificent display.

    Next year, will see some jaw dropping builds of this kit, I predict.

    This wagon needs MOOOOAAAR Ramp Truck...or that Holmes Wrecker that Moebius is showing off...nah BOTH...then you'd have a heck of a racing shop diorama.

  13. Tamiya releasing photos and detailed information about the upcoming Toyota GR 86. As I figured (since some of this kit can be recycled from the original 86 kit) it appears to be RHD JDM only as the engine bay is not set up in a way to reverse the battery and brake cylinder.



    Also breaking covered today along with a 1/35 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer is the sister kit, which I had kinda wondered where it wandered off to...so kit 24362 is the 2022 Subaru BRZ


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  14. On 9/11/2021 at 12:11 AM, ZTony8 said:

    Seems like if  AMT went to all the effort of making all new tooling they could have made a newer model  garbage  equipment body like a Labrie or a Heil and done up a newer truck; CCC or Mack, maybe?

    Granted...BUT that wouldn't have the magical nostalgic appeal of the kit that never was...OoOoOoOoooo mystical sales genie sprinkles with Retro Deluxe OooOoOooooo.


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