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  1. 16 hours ago, aurfalien said:

    These decals look very nice but there is no car remotely close to use them on.  Look at the K3 front air dam and rear wing for example.  I don't think these decals would look right on it.

    If it's one thing that I've learned reading all of the posts and looking at all of the work on this message board, accuracy is very important.  To me, not so much but in general to the seasoned builder, it can be very critical.

    Well Mike (Indycals) does make very nice decals, however these are designed to fit the K2, so they probably fit fine on there.  But as you point out that's not accurate.  I'd say the one place where accuracy does become a "very important" thing to an extent is within the racing community.  If you're building a '66 Impala, you can do pretty much anything to it, and people would be hard pressed to argue you're wrong.  If you're building the Hawaiian Tropic 935/77 Le Mans car - you're making an exact replica of something that existed in an exact specific way.

  2. 7 hours ago, Dave Van said:

    Really glad to see a new 935.....just as sad I'll not get one. For $25 total I get by with AMT kit and Scale Coachworks decals.......just noticed I yet to finish the wheels.  Kits nearing the $100 mark is the norm now....2v2EGKKvVxJcANd.jpg

    Where on earth are you getting $100 from? The kit is $30, the P/E (which certainly isn't required) is $20, and shipping it from Japan - unless you want it in 2-4 days is gonna be another $10.

    A well stocked LHS should be able to price the kit itself in for around $45.

    The most expensive regular run kits available these days are the Belkits offerings and they slot in around $55...which is still a long way from a C note.

  3. This seems to be the only hobby I know of where some people seem to intentionally revel in not improving. This whole tired - "I build for myself"- cliche jumped the shark with the Fonz. News flash unless you're building on commission we ALL build for ourselves. Nobody takes up golf in hopes of being bad at it. Nobody's gonna give you a high five and congratulate you on bowling a 37.

    Next thing that needs to go is all of the Whataboutisms. What if he had is arm blown off in the Nam? What if he lost 98% of his vision to an attack of rabid badgers? What if he was buried alive with his model? Like YOU could do any better dead in a coffin!!!

    This is a lost cause here, long ago a decision was made by the powers that be that MCM is a no critique (unless explicitly sought) zone. 

  4. Just to be clear for the people whispering behind my back, I'm not "gleeful", I'm disgusted with his behavior. We've all had our kids around this guy at some point and time and the stuff which he was charged with is the worst of the worst type of material, not some topless teenage girls.

    I'm also amused that the same people who wanted to sweep all of this under the rug 6 months ago are now pushing an agenda that Art is senile and suffering from dementia. He seemed pretty with it to me when he was repping Moebius at NNL East a year or two ago. If you sincerely believe you wake up one day with short term memory issues and that makes you a pedophile...man I don't know what to tell you. He was arrested because he had that material on a computer he took in for service after the prior one imploded. He had a thumb drive full of this stuff - which as previously mentioned he attempted to destroy when the cops came a knockin' - and admitted that was because it made it easy to transfer his collection between computers. That doesn't sound like a guy who can't remember if he put on underwear this morning to me.

  5. Art's a little busy preparing to be sentenced after pleading guilty to 2 felony counts of possession of child pornography and one felony count of obstruction of justice via destruction of evidence (for when he took a hammer to his flash drive of kiddie porn when the cops showed up) stemming from his arrest back in March to really be worrying about the last NNL. Granted his sentencing date got continued from before Labor Day into November, but I'm not sure he can leave Indiana while he's out on bail.

    We weren't permitted to discuss this in March and I'm sure people will quickly fire and brimstone this down despite the fact it should be common knowledge to everyone. But back then it was "allegedly", but he please guilty to all counts back in July, so it's just fact at this point.

  6. 7 hours ago, Jon Cole said:

    Well, there it is!  It finally happened! Round2 will finally introduce.... a Coke© sponsored '69 Charger!
    Anxiously awaiting that long desired Coke
    © sponsored USS Enterprise. It's coming! I can feel it!


    Sure it's a goofy tie-in. But they created that new tool SnapTite kit and then a few months later the world decided Dukes of Hazzard was no longer acceptable. They have to do SOMETHING with it to amortize the tooling costs since it mostly likely will never be a General Lee again.

  7. Beemax and NuNu Hobby (along with AutoColour decals) are all owned by the same group in Macau. Aoshima provided technical services early in Beemax's history and designed the McLaren MP4/2. Platz is just a major Japanese distribution company (they import Italeri and Round2). So yes the 935 K3 is a modified reissue of the K2. They're doing the Hawaiian Tropic car as well because while decals may exist for it, the 1:1 car is a 935/77A which is neither a K2 or K3.


  8. Remains to see what comes in the box. Their reissues of a lot of these reintroduced kits come with most if not all of the parts the kit ever came with throughout it's lifespan.

    Example in November their reissuing their GRS182 series Toyota Crown kit and you'll be able to build a '03 Crown Royal, '03 Crown Athlete, '05 Crown Royal, or '05 Crown Athlete depending on what parts and wheels you chose. Some kits like the Honda Odyssey Absolute come with TWO bodies (to build a pre-'06 and post-'06 vehicle.

  9. 2 hours ago, stitchdup said:

    lexus are toyotas, they just rebadge them for the euro and usa markets. they dont have lexus in japan. as for companies sharing platforms, its what everyone else does. look at the late 70s compacts mopar sold, then there's scion that were only for the us market. also sports car has never meant fast car, it means a fun weekend car and were originaly mostly small european 2 seaters but mazda resurrected them with the mx5/miata and the worlds a better place for it happening

    Lexus was "established" as a Japanese brand back in 2005. Since then it's been operating as a global brand of Toyota selling it's own cars and designs, rather than rebadging Aristos, Soarers, and Celsiors.

  10. I don't have the HD set for the LP700-4 "base" Aventador because Aoshima did a factory set for that kit. But these are the instructions for the Roadster one from HD


    So yes you cut the center plastic hub off (or grind the brake rotor off from the outside) and the glue it into the center of the new brake system you build out of the P/E pieces.

  11. 2 hours ago, BubbaBrown said:

    I won't hold my breath, the 1964 Plymouth they kept showing at shows took 7 or maybe 9 years to get made. We have been hearing and seeing this on their website since 2016 so I figure  sometime after 2020.

    Round2 purchased the assets of Lindberg in the Spring of 2013, and the Lawman kit was released July of 2016.  I can't remember when Round2 started teasing the idea of merging the NASCAR and Drag car together to make a Plymouth Drag car, but even if it was the day they purchased Lindberg it's a hair over 3...

    Sometimes you throw an idea out there and see what the reaction is like before you actually spend the money.

  12. 1 hour ago, Force said:

    Yeah it's funny, automotive modelers complain about kit prices and then buys aftermarket stuff for a lot more than the kit costs and don't complain at all about that, try to buy a kit over here where the prices are equivalent to $40-50 for a normal AMT/MPC re-issued automotive kit and see how that feels...and then some aftermarket stuff upon that. :rolleyes:
    But Round 2 can't do re-issues only forever as the market will be saturated sooner or later as I don't think everyone will buy one more of the same kit just because they do new boxart, change the decals and throw in tampo printed tires, they will eventually have to do something else to keep the interest up, and a new kit now and then will for sure do that if they do the right subjects.
    At least I buy kits to build as I'm not a collector...and how many of the same kit do you want to have.

    But much like Revell, Round2's customer base is the 90% (or so) of builders who pick up a kit at random and don't have a 1k kit surplus in their basement. Coke tie-ins excluded both companies have a reissue track of 7-9 years on any given kit which when you consider how a place like Hobby Lobby does retail means that any given kit that doesn't sell consistently might get less than 1 year of shelf time before it disappears for almost a decade.

    Round2 manages to keep the "rabid" 10%ers in check by kicking out stuff like the Pinto, Brat, Schwin, and 67 Ford AWB kits that haven't been produced in 35-40 years. But a casual builder who's new to the hobby doesn't have five '61 Impalas, or three '34 Ford P/Us.

  13. 26 minutes ago, Force said:

    As I see it we have given Round 2 a break for over 10 years now, but as I said, I don't mind re-issues as some of them haven't been out for a long time and are very sought after and everyone has to do that to earn money, but an all new kit now and then wouldn't hurt.
    It has been about 20 years since we saw any new tool full detail car kits from AMT with a couple of exceptions like the new generation Camaro.

    They've done (and are doing) several new tool Sci Fi pieces...because by and large Sci Fi builders aren't afraid to crack open their wallets.  The last Star Trek offering of significance was almost $200 if you bought the "detail-up" sets they sold with it.  Meanwhile automotive modelers here in the U.S. just went into a frothing near-riot over $7 clearance kits at Hobby Lobby.  Which customer base do you want to invest in?

  14. I can see the plausibility in re-selling Ollie's kits. Unless you're East of the Mississippi (and really just the East Coast itself) you have no idea what an Ollie's even is...There are also plenty of people who won't set foot in a Hobby Lobby because of the Religion/Politics of the CEO.

    People on eBay are providing a service therefore and had to go to the store, do the shopping, and incurred transportation, warehousing, and distribution costs. :lol:B)

  15. The whole reason Revell U.S. exists is for the staff & consultants here to continue development and production of new U.S. subject matter - Direct from Ed Sexton's mouth at NNL East a few months ago.

  16. 5 hours ago, Mark said:

     The Vega bodies shown are more than likely all-new tooling,  as opposed to a backdating of the existing body.  The chassis and interior will probably be carried over from the Twister kit though.  Both of the people wanting a stock Vega can probably adapt AMT Monza underbody bits, or find an unbuilt annual kit or busted promo to rob other parts from.

    I'm going to concur, those bodies have that weird "wood" texture you get when you do a 3D rapid prototype.

  17. As much as I enjoy watching you people malign Chad for all manner of things while ignoring how factually inaccurate the videos are in terms of correct release times...How is it Chad's fault that whomever is actually filming the video isn't adjusting the angle of the camera to prevent glare? He's not filming the thing himself and therefore can't know what angle is good, bad or indifferent.

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