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  1. Styrene plastic

    Is ABS the same as styrene. I know by looking around on the web that the S in ABS stands for styrene. Bob
  2. Range hood

    Thanks for the replies. Here's what I found out by experimenting. First the range hood is a GE. and it's probably about 25 years old. When I hooked up the white and black wires to a regular power cord the fan ran on hi, if I touched the red wire to the white wire is switched to low. so I have the thing set to run on high to get the most air movement. The hood is one of those that has the vent in the front, so I will either build a plenum on the front or seal that up and cut a hole in the top and run a dryer duct hose from there to the boarded up window. I tested it out last night, and it seems to fit the bill just fine. Bob
  3. 1969 Dodge Super Bee

    MAN is that nice !!!!! You should be proud of that. great job!!
  4. 1969 Grabber Orange Shelby Mustang

    Nice!!! very tight and clean. great job!!
  5. Finished 1969 Olds 442 (drag)

    Thats nice...real nice!!!! That Olds just drips Horsepower...Is the glovebox full of speeding tickets???
  6. I have been thinking about this for some time now, starting a model club in my town. we have a population of about 7,000 and there are a lot of kids here. If anyone has started a club I could use some tips here, I know there has to be some other folks in this town that enjoy this hobby. From my research I have found a club in Springfield, Ill but it is almost 50 miles from here, and with the price of gas the way it is, I thought this may be a good idea. Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading Bob
  7. Range hood

    Thanks for the reply...Forgot to add....there is no on/off switch LOL It was taken off years ago because it was broken. So the range hood has just been hangin' over the stove not working until this morning.
  8. Range hood

    Hi Gang. I just got an old range hood I am planning on using for my paint booth to vacuum out paint fumes. The motor that runs the fan has three wires, White, Black and Red. My wife tells me this was a two speed fan. Here's my question. I think Black is ground and the white and red are hot....Right?? If I hook this thing up I would connect black to ground and tie the red and white together to get the fan to run on high...right???? Been a while since I have messed with stuff like this. Thanks Bob
  9. WIP: 2003 Pirates of the Carribean Pontiac LONG 1st Post!!

    All I can say is.....STUNNING!!! I love your technique!
  10. Good Thread here. I went to Walmart the other day and bought some black women panty hose to use on grill and such. You should have seen the look on some of the clerks faces....I didn't care, because the small 25 cent package would have cost oh...I don't know 5 or 6 bucks easy at a LHS, it you could find something like that there. So out the door I went with a big smile on my face, knowing I just saved a bunch of money.
  11. Nice looking chopper !! Nothing wrong with taking a little break from auto's. Burnout is the worst thing that can happen. I am taking a break from doing any building while I get my Ham Radio station on the air again, we had an ice storm here 2 weeks ago and took my antenna down, Today I will hanging a new one up. I find that if all I do is build, I get kinda burned out in about a month. So I try to have many different things I can do since I can't work due to an injury from truck driving.
  12. Air Compressor Question

    Check out Air brush city, I picked up one from there a month ago, It's very small has a 1 gallon tank, and is very quiet. I usually get up between 2 & 4 am, and come down to the basement to work on building. no one up stairs has ever heard me painting in the wee hours of the morning
  13. What kind of music.....

    Yeah, I bet Satalite radio is cool. I listen to live 365 or use internet radio thru Windows media player.
  14. not that most really care, but for those that.....

    Nice parts, did you scratchmake them??
  15. Removing Chrome Plating

    Casey, I know this has already been said, But I just wanted to put my vote in for Castrol Super Clean. Works well, doesn't take to long and also removes that pesky varnish under the crome, so all your left with is plastic. And it will not harm the plastic. Big thing here is that it is biodagradable