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  1. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic 69 FORD RANGER , SHOP TRUCK ,   

    Hi Blair! Really, really nice truck. Loved it! Can you please share with me address or shop from Steve Zimmerman? Those wheels are a "must have"! Thanks Marcelo
  2. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic Something different on the workbench: Just finished   

    Olá Ismael

    Belo trabalho. Parabéns!

  3. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic Denny Hamlin, Fedex Express   

    Hi James

    Do you still paint without an airbrush?
    Nice work on this Nascar.

  4. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic Camaro Concept UPDATED 12/03   

    Hi Pat, nice color!

    Where did you get those Marc Nellis Wheels from?
  5. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic 53 FORD PKP - MADE IN BRAZIL   

    Yes, all of those comments are appropriate for this "sweet".
    I've seen it live in Brazil and can tell you it is far better than the pics.
    Uelder captured a very clean style combined with "power".
    Amazing paint job....

  6. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic 69 Charger R/T - Made in Brazil - update 02/11   

    C'mon Brother Valongo!

    You "MUST" finish this kit!!!! That is an awesome work, you know that!

    Hey guys, Uelder packed the kit into the box and told me he will not finish so soon.
    Let's give him a "help" on the back... :roll:

    Put your hands on it that within 3 or 4 days you'll get it done.

    And of course, post the pics here!!

  7. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic 2005 Mustang Buildup Update! Interior pics! 12/09/06   

    This is gonna be a genuine Mustang. Nice paint job!

  8. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic 66 Chevelle Flip Front W/Flames   

    It's not easy to represent those flames in scale but your's got that superbly. :shock:

  9. marcelo ninci added a post in a topic VW Bus 23 Windows Custom   

    Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome words!

    MrObsessive, the sun roof is a simple piece of black paper, like the ones for printers, cut to size, folded into the position and glued the edges. I also liked the final result

    ismaelg, que bom, assim podemos trocar umas palavras em português...

    kod38, the wheels are not from a Jada but from AMT Ford 34, painted red with paint for fabric, it is easier to remove.

    Jairus, thanks for your words! For us, it's really a pleasure to participate of this Forum and exchange some notes with you and all the nice guys here. Sorry to disappoint you but the bus' got no engine :cry:

    Steve H., I agree! :wink:

    Hi JAFFA, no pics from interior so far. But I'll get them soon.

    Once again, thanks for all comments.

  10. marcelo ninci added a topic in On The Workbench   

    VW Bus 23 Windows Custom

    I'm new in the Forum and this is my first post here. I got the address of the forum through my brother-friend Uelder Valongo who also has some posts here.
    I am brazilian but live in Paderborn, Germany.

    I'm building this VW Bus as Custom style (Revell kit). There are still some minor details to close it completely.
    Uelder started this kit but I brought it to Germany to get it finished.
    Colors are automotive Pure White and Palha Beige. The interior has got some wooden finish and the seats fabric cover.

    Hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome.

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