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  1. colonelron added a post in a topic Model T Mercury Bodied Speedster   

    That is a cool looking car. Can't wait for that to be available!
  2. colonelron added a post in a topic Tom Creager? Ohio   

    Thanks Bill, I will be in touch soon. I have not been on here very long and am having some difficulty with the way this site works.
  3. colonelron added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    Tom Creager? Ohio
    I lost contact with a former co-worker and modeler named Tom Creager from Ohio. He builds and takes pictures for articles with Bill Coulter.
    If anyone knows Tom, have him contact me through here.
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  4. colonelron added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Scale keys?
    Trying to find something to use that would look like a set of keys laying on the dashboard of a 1/25 car? I have never seen a set of PE keys and chain, just wanted to be a little different. Any ideas?
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  5. colonelron added a post in a topic Got a Dremel or similar? You GOTTA see this!   

    Be very careful if you use those grinding stones. I got a set of those a while back and on the first use the Pink stones exploded, scared me half to death. Make sure you have eye protection. The drill bits seemed to work pretty good.
  6. colonelron added a post in a topic Custom Bent Aluminum Exhaust   

    I use guitar strings for several other uses in models. I made friends with a local rock band and they give me their used strings- they change guitar strings every week, or before every show. I was getting them from a local music store but they caught on and started charging me for them. If you try to get them from a music store, don't go to the same one every week.
  7. colonelron added a post in a topic Latest Issue   

    New subscriber here. Usually only got about three issues a year. This is my first April issue. Loved it! Hope they do this every year. How many people think this stuff is real?

  8. colonelron added a post in a topic The checker cab   

    I have seen some resin bodies but not any plastic kits. Good luck.
  9. colonelron added a post in a topic Mixing Chrysler Engine Blue   

    Model Master does have Chrysler Engine Blue in the bottle. It is enamel. I just got this bottle a few weeks ago.