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  1. I'm assuming that's your car in your avatar? Looks awesome(and fast).

  2. I want to know, what did I do to you?

  3. Hey Donald, I see you haven't been on the forum for over a month. I hope all is well.

  4. Thanks for the "Modeling Q & A" section!!!

    It should keep things more organized now ;)

  5. I'm getting paint, so I can FINALLY get some of my long-lost projects DONE!

  6. I guess it is a small world!

  7. Thanks for the comment, Michael! :D

    The paint is Testors White Lightning lacquer, and Testors Fiery Orange lacquer.

    The Fiery Orange is pretty metalflaky... But it's not as bad if you have a good base coat :)

  8. Thanks for the comment on my Camaro, Chris! :D

  9. WOO I've been building more!!!

  10. I'm guessing that the server error isn't just me, as there haven't been any posts in general for quite a while....

  11. Hey, sorry about that whole "song" incident. Didn't realize that that was the song's name.

  12. Going through modeler's ADD.

  13. I see that by your porfile picture that you have GT5. What is your PSN? (If you have one) Mine is camaroyenko :)

  14. Cannot decide on a color for his '68 Dart ...............

  15. Welcome to the site!

    I like your username!

    Chevy forever! :D

  16. That is one nice Camaro!

  17. I love all of your models!

  18. You love Yenkos, don't you?

    I do too ;)

  19. Is building a Revell '64 Fairlane.............

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