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  1. No no no.....politics were not discussed. By politics I meant how he runs things over there. Seems he doesn't treat equal situations equally
  2. Certain one sided political issues on the owner wanting to play God led me to telling him off......rudely
  3. I'm banned for life from the HAMBa, so I can't open that link My Google search didn't get related images
  4. Is there a place to find box art images of drag cars models from the 60's? I'd like to print some out for a scrap book. Thank you
  5. I took a drive to Vegas yesterday and got this for myself
  6. Man, some of you guys are really sensitive to this scale BS 1/24 1/24 1/24 1/24
  7. I'm new here and very GLAD to see posts like this. I think the same. Open it, build it. If all's there, who cares if it's sealed? Gonna rip the seal anyway. With 2 kits identical as stated....I'll take the one re-issue that's a fraction the price. That said, I'm glad to see so far that most here agree with the post I'm responding to. I really have no interest in joining some snob board that doesn't know how to enjoy these kits as was intended. Thanks Highway
  8. Thank you! The big one was really fun to build. I left a small access on each side, but built it mostly with the top off....loading different ideas as they came to me. Then I added the top....and added some more weirdness attached to the top, using the side openings
  9. I didn't know there was a noticeable difference. Or, who cares?
  10. That didn't work. But, I noticed that the "watch this" is on display on threads I AM subscribed to. Weird, huh?
  11. I get it at a plastic (plexiglass) supply place. There's 3 or so around here. I also buy "remnants" and build displays. They sell hinges too.
  12. AGREED! All my diecast (HUNDREDS) come out of the package and put in displays for MY enjoyment. Not for profit. My unbuilt plastic kits are that way because I haven't got around to them yet. But, most my unbuilt kits are no longer sealed. I open and take a peak soon as I get them home to see what goodies they came with
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