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  1. Francis, thanks man.  Made some more headway the last couple days, hope to have a few more bits and pieces to post soon. 

    Thanks too Dave!  After I get the rear hubs done then I can get to the calipers & their brackets done.  Then onto the brass chassis.

    Appreciated Chris.........time to get that new thread started here.  hint-hint............

    Randy, I just stumbled across your latest updates on your Birdcage.......talk about inspiring.  For those that haven't seen Randy's scratch-built masterpiece be sure to check it out under the LSR category just below the Drag category.  Thanks too Randy! 

    Ian, totally agree.  It brought back new enthusiasm to the hobby for me.  I still can't get over the difference now.  And thank you!

    Charlie, not sure what I could possibly teach you but as I've commented, the forum is "rich" with scratch-builders right now and we're all the better for it.   Some real talent all over the place.      CHEERS TO ONE AND ALL!  tim



  2. Hi Mike, for the Ti, I mostly use On-line metals for what I use.  They cut to length, have a great ranges of sizes and metal grades and ship very quickly.  Because of the small diameter sizes I'm using most of the time, the price for Ti isn't nearly as bad as you might think.  You can also find odd sizes (metric) on line at ebay / amazon........even some at 4" in length.  It's working with it that takes a bit of patience.  It work hardens fairly quickly and can destroy tools almost instantly. Low speeds & feeds (which ones I've discovered by researching and experimenting with) proper cutting fluid helps tremendously too and finally carbide tools, not HSS.  Hope this helps to answer your question and for others that might want to try it out too.  cheers, tim

    Good morning Bill,  Well now, you have a rare car there so you had best figure a build slot for it and get her done.  JoHan's were pretty nice cars.   cheers

    Fernandez, thanks sir.  Lots of detail work to add yet but it's something after such a long lay off.   Start small as they say. (no pun intended)  cheers, tim

  3. Dave, 2 1/2 weeks into the post op.  All good and I appreciate you're asking.  What a difference is all I can say.

    Charlie, too funny on the one score.  I had Lasik 21 years ago and got lucky then and this turned out as well as I could imagine/hope for.  Thanks again, Tim

    Bob, thank you as well.  I just always liked the Maverick body style.  I envy the fact you actually owned one and I'm willing to bet you'd like to have it back.  cheers, tim

    The past week I got back to the bench finally.  I machined some mild steel brake discs for the car and machined the front hubs out of titanium.  They're heat stained btw.  I have included a pic of the infamous Mopar Missile "wire car" front hub as a reference.  That particular car has a fascinating history even though it never raced in Pro Stock as it was intended / built for.  I'm either going to do the rear hubs in titanium too or might go a different direction of a Gapp & Roush hub I like.  Anyways, back at it and it feels oh so good doing so.  Cheers again to each and every one of you!!  tim

    DSC 0665

    DSC 0674

    DSC 0677

    If I told anyone how much time I spent to get just these parts done............well, nevermind......I won't admit it.

    DSC 0681


  4. Ray, nice, nice car.  I think you're wife was right about the color.  I would love to see the car shot in natural light as I'm sure it will pop.  Any input / insights you have on that duplicolor clear you're using would be helpful.  Looks nice in the pics.  cheers, tim

  5. Hi everyone,  well I had to take a "pause" on the build as I just couldn't see for the most part.  Had my second cataract surgery yesterday and already I'm just about 100%.   Other than having to change some of the light bulbs/lighting in the house back to something "normal" I should be at the bench in a week.   Amazing what they can do anymore with lasers and such.  Cheers to all and thank you for following the build.    Tm

  6. Love the newest post Charlie.   The engine IS gorgeous.   Today I was in York Springs Pa. and visited a race car museum.  The main theme is sprint cars with some drag thrown in.  I took some pics of some cars that I thought you might appreciate. I apologize in advance if I'm hi-jacking your thread in any way.  Not my intent of course.  The fabricator in Allentown was selling the aluminum body he made many decades ago as an all inclusive car for $925.   Yup.  Not a typo.  Anyways, here are the pics and I'm sure you'll get a smile or two.  Cheers, Tim








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