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  1. Dave, you saying I'm all thumbs?  😅

    Thanks Joe....again, bench time has been limited but I'm still pluggin' away.  

    Thanks too Ian.......if either of those body's hadn't been so badly warped I would have been seriously challenged to go with it.  The AMT was more stock looking and accurate in some important regards but it would have taken more work to modify it to work. The rear window was separate from the body which I really liked too......more to show.

    Appreciated Jason........nice to see you poppin' in and checking out the build.  

    Here's the set of 4.  Adding the valve stems tomorrow, have lug nuts on the way (for the fronts only btw)  and I have to machine a pair of the front bearing caps.  Couple hours and onto the chassis......cheers to all!   Tim

    DSC 0225

    DSC 0233

    DSC 0229

  2. Dave (comp1839) - Thanks sir.  It's been so long since I made wheels that I had to back to the notes you shared a few years ago with me on some basics when I made the wheels for the Bantam.  Each is a 3 piece construction.  Again, many thanks! 

    Thank you Marcus.

    Dave (goatguy) I agree on the Maverick body comment completely.  I'm not looking back on it now.....sometimes I just get sidetracked. 🙂

    Thanks Hakan.......I forgot about the Flea.....too bad they got out of the business. 

    Francis, do it man......I'd love to see what you can do one after seeing all your previous work. It'd be a treat for all of us on the forum.

    Pete J. - Flattered you'd ask. Let me ponder for a day and get back to you this weekend.  I'll send a PM.  

    Dave Willy - saw your post as I'm typing this and LOVE that pic you shared.  Lucky man to drive that!   Thanks again for the comments too. 

    Today I did 1 of the rears spokes.  The rim is not right but was one I had in the parts bin.  The rims they provided were of 2 designs. One being smooth from the lip all the way back to the spokes.  The 2nd one, and more common in the photos I've come across, is a stepped design.  Subtle looking but a few extra steps to get the look.  I couldn't help myself and took a couple pics with the car mocked up with the rear along with the front.   I do like these better than the Fentons to be honest.   Cheers to all!   tim

    DSC 0215

    DSC 0221


  3. Hi everyone......a bit of an update.  I took a detour on the build and bought 2 (an AMT & an MPC) Mustang 2 model kits as a possible replacement for the Maverick body.  That followed a ton more digging and research on what chassis I wanted to do.  Don Hardy is the one I want to get closest to.  Anyways, the Mustang kits came with warped bodies that I thought I could remedy.  Researched our forum and followed the advice of others that had success. For me, not so much.  So I'm sticking with the Maverick but the specific year I'm looking at is 1974.  More on why later.

    Wheels, I have a beautiful set of aluminum Fentons that are drilled etc. and ready to go.........except I've become enamored with the Motorwheel "Fly" wheels. The wheel was discontinued in 74' when they got out of the business.  The real fronts were magnesium but the rear Fly's were aluminum only.  They did make the well known Spyder wheel and it was available in mag.  I researched some pics and websites and drew them up so I could machine them.  I'll do an entire set of 4 but I'm sharing the fronts which are done (except for the bearing caps, lug nuts & air valves)  The rears I hope to complete in the next several days.  To my eye they are just that little bit more contemporary for the car as I originally envisioned it.  I'll post pics when all 4 are done soon and do a mock-up with the body for reference.  The pics you see today have the Fenton rear mags in them but the Fly is on the front.    Cheers, Tim

    DSC 0179

    DSC 0185

    DSC 0197

    DSC 0199

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  4. At first I thought I was reliving my childhood and watching Batman with Adam West........."KAPOOWW"  was my reaction to the paint on the car.  Love it and boy does it jump at ya'......needless to say I like ALL the details you're throwing at this too Charlie.  Beautiful! cheers, tim

  5. Claude  & Chris - thanks to each of you! Chassis planning yet more details soon.

    Josh - thanks sir.  I hope you like the rest of it.  I have some good things coming on the chassis I believe. 

    Joe - Joe - Joe -  (couldn't help myself) appreciate the sentiment, Francis is a heck of a builder/fabricator.   cheers to all , tim


  6. I really like your choice of colorization in the rear frame clip Francis.  They really complement each other.   Always fun to see all the bits and pieces come together, now all the effort you put into the individual pieces / sub-assemblies pays off.   cheers, tim

  7. Brad, thanks for the note and nice to see you here again.  Hope all has been well for you and you'll post some drag car build here soon.  cheers

    Pete J. - "a year ago"..............thanks for reminding me.  🙃  Time IS flying and thank you too for the note.

    Marcos - Appreciated sir.

    Daniel - I agree on the blasting a portion of it as I think it would have looked fine either way.  But, of course once I blast it, there is/was no turning back so it's now shiny forever.   Thank you for the post and checking it out.

    Ian - Thanks too!

    Francis -  I always liked that saying but I did get a little carried away with the number of pics I took & shared.  I don't post as often as I used to so when I do................well, you know.    cheers

    Dave (comp1839)  I so miss seeing your builds here at the forum.  I know your car is your passion at this time but I can always hope you'll bring a project back or start a new one to share with us all.  I DO have some interesting ideas on how I'm approaching the chassis now.  Drawing it up now and making a list of 1st and 2nd choices that I'd like to see for the various parts to fab.  I have decided to do a Hardy style chassis after doing a ton of research.  This week I've got a few "experiments" to try out first to confirm construction techniques.  Cheers, Tim

    Dennis - Appreciate the sentiment and for popping by to check the car out.   More good things to come I promise.   Cheers Everyone!!!

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