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  1. Anton & Jason nice to see two posts from from around the world.........never visited Sweden or New Zealand but they're on the bucket list.  Hopefully some day.  I got the plenums done and did a mock-up last evening.  Nothing is glued/soldered assembled just yet other than the carbs themselves.  I'll machine the bottom of the manifold / cover next and turn the injector tubes down in brass and finally do the carb / plenum adapter plates in aluminum.  When assembled I'll media blast it as I said and paint / detail it.  Bunch of pics to give a great idea of what it will look like.  cheers, tim

    the half-round tube in the center is to ensure the intakes themselves didn't fall over while taking the pics.    obviously won't be there.

    DSC 0495

    DSC 0552

    DSC 0562

    DSC 0564

    DSC 0573

    DSC 0579

    DSC 0580

    DSC 0582

  2. Roger, great car / story most certainly.  I'll be following.  Now my admission, I was in my early 20's scraping by and owned a FOUR door pea green soup hornet with the tartan interior.  yes, I admit that.  Funny the memories that come back.   The 2 door was a MUCH better looking car.  Good luck on your build.  cheers, tim

  3. Chris, you're taking waaayyy too long.....come on man and post the new stuff, it's been more than a year since we've heard from you.......

    Charlie, you'll have a tougher time keeping up with Francis.........I'm MUCH slower than he is......Cheers too!

    tim (lordgodbob) - I think it's a pretty cool set-up too.  The gentleman that shared his with me (so I could get the necessary dimensions to machine them) offered to sell it to me but it was a bit out of my price range.  thanx!

    Claude, I'll certainly wouldn't go that far but I am pleased with it.  There were parts of the Bantam that I learned a lot from and thought that I'd go a "simpler" route..........seems that's not going to be the case here either..........oh well.   thanks for checking in!

    Josh, nice to see a new post too and that you're interested in the car.  Hope you like the rest. 

    Hakan, thanks sir......everytime I see your post or reply I remember the time I visited Finland............wonder country & people.  cheers, tim

    Francis.....keep her going man. I'm following your posts even though I don't respond with each new pic............thanks for the sentiments too.

    Joe, yes you MUST post more and show more progress  ( funny huh coming from me ) I need all the ideas I can get.   cheers

    Dave, been some time since I've seen your post/reply.  Thanks and I am glad you found this thread.  The manifold is the last step / part I'm making for the engine and then it's done.   I'm going to make an engine stand to display / have it out of the car as an fyi.  Still plenty to do though.   cheers, tim

    Hi Fellas, today's solitary pic gives an idea of the direction I'm taking the manifold.  From this pic you can't see how off center the carb/stacks are.  It was visible to the naked eye if that tells you anything.  So I went back, checked my numbers/drawing and sure enough, the manifold "log" angle was off by 1 (yes, ONE) degree.   I machined it and test fit the bugger and now it's absolutely perfect.  Amazing after all this time of doing this what 1 degree looks like.  The tubes fit into a scrap plenum that i made........it's too short by about .5mm overall.  That too shows up to my eye so I'll cut / drill the pair so they're a better length.   I know this might seem silly but when I'm doing something like this that I've not done before, no matter what the drawings say, sometimes you just have to tweek it "that little bit more" to make it right. I'll cut the other "log" by a degree tomorrow and finish both plenums.  Then the manifold base is up and this will be pretty much done.  I will have 2 plenum adapter plates that go between the plenums and carbs to finish it all off.............cheers one and all,   tim

    DSC 0490


  4. I promise to respond to each of you later today.  For now I'm simply posting a few pics of the start of the plenums for the manifold.  I've included a pic to give you some idea of the direction I'm going with the manifold.  They look like teeny torpedoes or something right now.  They'll get cut in half and drilled (that should be interesting to do) and comprise the bottom half of the plenum itself.  I'm going to try to put a PE Ford logo on the sides of them as well, more later.   cheers and thanks again everyone!  tim

    Sorry for the quality of this pic.......the plenum design was part of a manifold for a 351Cleveland btw that had twin Autolite's on it. 

    DSC 0478

    DSC 0479

    DSC 0482

  5. Finally got something off the mill now that I've started the manifold.  I made some mistakes along the way and learned how fragile this part is after spending 3 1/2 hours yesterday making one and having it bend while machining it.  Without sharing too much yet on the overall design, I really wanted the curvature that you see on the manifold "log" (as I call them)  Some imagination and trial and error and I got 1 done to my liking.  The drivers side "log" is bent as you can see from the pick and is junk, but I had to put it next to the other that turned out.  cheers, tim

    some of the experiments in the foreground. 

    DSC 0464

    a better view of the curvature I wanted to maintain

    DSC 0465

    the piece of brass is scrap that is supporting the log. I just wanted to be sure the dimensions were proper.

    DSC 0468

    I wanted to an "experimental" intake for the car in tune with the whole build theme.  The manifold logs look like an injection style manifold but I came across several intake pics of the Autolite carbs that used a similar style.  Not counting nuts and bolts, I think there will be 14 or 15 parts to it when completed.  

    DSC 0469

  6. Thank you Chris but you really need to read my notes.........waiting on YOUR new build post sir...........hint-hint-hint...............

    Randy - wrong count sir.......150 total parts of the 2 carbs combined.........75 each....sorry to confuse!   Sure seemed like 300 each though.....

    Too funny Bruce, and thanks once more for following along.

    Bob, also a big thanks.........regarding your comment,  it's a sickness I think I have.   I can't imagine anyone else would bother or take the time I put into these 2 carbs.  Sometimes I get too far into the trees as they say.  

    Charlie, having checked out and admired your work as well, I will certainly be looking forward to your Boss build as well.   

    Cheers fellas!  

  7. Hey Eric,  been far too long since I checked on your progress.   Man have you been busy.  Every time I see the title of this build  "Advanced Custom Version" I chuckle as it's becoming more and more an understatement.  The car is wickedly cool.   Nice touch to add the LED lights as well.   cheers, tim


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