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  1. Thank you for the comments guys.

    As an fyi, I chose to make the trunk lid out of brass as the piece I cut out had some very subtle compound curves in it. I thought it would be impossible to keep a reasonable gap on the lid when removing it. I try for tight tolerances on door / trunk openings and it's easier to fab out of brass when necessary to meet that goal. Still took me 3+ hours to do that seemingly simple task. I have a new found appreciation for the beautiful brass tubs (and other brass work) on Clay's mustang.



  2. Hi everyone, very small update. Packaging is tight in the backhalf of the car as Henry J's don't have much trunk space to begin with. So I decided to open up the trunk area for display purposes. I came up with a design I liked, cut it out and made up a brass trunk lid in place of the cutout piece. And I am going to have to do my battery boxes for a 3rd time to make them more space efficient. 2 steps forward, 1 back. Cheers, Tim



  3. Mooneyz, Clay, Dave (comp1839) and EVERYONE else that has commented or is following the build, thank you for your flattering comments. Aarons (Jade043) comment was a bit over the top but appreciated as I look up to the scratchbuilders I just mentioned and get my inspiration from them....but to be considered in the same breath as them, well...I am truly flattered.

    Dave, glad you like the concept and the engine I picked. I like the unusual and thought this was a good one. When will we get to see some more of your build? Hopefully soon. If you EVER allow anyone to visit your shop while you're milling something, let me know. one day of watching (and asking a "few" questions of course) are worth weeks of reading and videos. I'm installing the DRO on my Sherline this week and finishing the set-up...then we'll see how that goes.



  4. Great job Cato. I know it's been said many times, but it still needs repeating. And thanks for the reminder to know when to "walk away from it and say enough"....anyone can stare at just your engine on this build and spend the rest of the day ruminating on the "how did he do that?"



  5. Fellow builders...a hearty thank you for your comments. I'm having a good time on this build and I'm at a "happy place" wherein I do my research, look at the pic and just start building what I see. Sometimes I get it right, others, not so much. :) I'm going to re-work my battery boxes and am well into the fire bottles & bracket among some other pieces. Soon, time to get to the chassis. I expect to have something modest to post later this coming week. Till then, my best regards to each and everyone of you that viewed this thread and shared your comments.

    btw, can anyone tell me how to post in the subject column additional comments to the thread such as "new pics posted blah blah blah" I can't figure it out for the life of me. duh!



  6. Jeremy, love the decals/scripts you've prepped. You are to be commended on tackling such an interesting car. I always liked the real car but it turned out just wasn't to be. Fun to watch you build this and I get to learn along the way.



  7. Hi, Before I forget to do so, I want to acknowledge MicroNitro for the machined bottle that I used for the CO2 cylinder. I shortened the bottle to the appropriate length. Everything else is scratchbuilt. I don't want to take credit for something I didn't make of course.

    Lee & Chris, thank you too for your sentiments and I agree Chris, 1/16th scale for drag cars would be fun & challenging since there is so much you can consider in the build itself. You only have to look at Clay's mustang and the beautiful job he's doing on that build....simply amazing.



  8. Hi, it's been a fairly good week. Rear shocks, Batteries and boxes and the CO2 bottle and it's bracket.

    Shocks are modified RB units with threaded collars and purple springs.


    Batteries are scratch as are the aluminum boxes.



    CO2 bottle has an all scratch brass regulator unit with fabbed alum. valve knob. The lower threaded line on the bottom of the bottle neck is a threaded bolt drilled out to replicate a proper fitting. The bottle bracket is drilled titanium with alum. hoops. The purple knob (again, scratch) on the back of the bracket is the release knob is the tensioner for the alum. hoops that secure the bottle. One twist, bottle is out. The brass regulator assembly was an interesting part to make.




    Cheers, Tim

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