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  1. RobH added a post in a topic '66 (or maybe '65) Shelby Zombie Hunter   

  2. RobH added a post in a topic Gasser Willys (barn find)   

    like it alot!!!
  3. RobH added a post in a topic General Lee, Jump gone wrong   

    awesome detail!!!
  4. RobH added a post in a topic 1983 Camaro   

    soo sick!
  5. RobH added a post in a topic question?   

    LOL Chuck! yeah
  6. RobH added a post in a topic question?   

    yeah the car is 100% built by me.. u buy a kit and build it !
  7. RobH added a post in a topic question?   

    yeah i already do!

  8. RobH added a post in a topic question?   

    hey DR. yeah, the last model i built took me about 2 months cause i lost interest.. idk i know im gunnna keep airbrushing things! (rc bodys, xbox's ECT.) but i feel like this is the end of the road u know . like i liked building at first. but its kinda boring now. cause i can get together with friends and people in the race scene.. and hang out .. you really cant do that with building models.. who knows thanks for the input.. big fan of your work!
  9. RobH added a topic in General   

    hey guys~
    i have a question.. Have you ever picked up a new hobby and were like i dont feel like building? i started getting into racing rc cars last week and have been thinking about how id rather focus more on that! i know when winter comes around i wont be able to racing ( i race on road eletric) just looking for some input! thanks
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  10. RobH added a post in a topic Honda Civic Hatchback   

    must be the lighting cause its smooth all the way around! lol! good try tho bro
  11. RobH added a post in a topic Good airbrush setup   

    i used a aztek a320 single action for my first brush and it worked nice( got stolen tho) but i would do a double action if i wanna do graphics, pin striping i would do by hand!
  12. RobH added a post in a topic Honda Civic Hatchback   

  13. RobH added a topic in Under Glass   

    Honda Civic Hatchback
    hey guys! this is a civic hatchback i finished last week and was just now able to post up! airbrushed it nissan GTR black opel ( all have to take some outside pics soo u can see how this stuff looks in the sunlight! soo nice... i made a tachometer for it and wired it in to the battery! i have to say it turned out to be a nice clean build! i also used the MI decal from the eclipse fast and furious model.

    and next to the acura integra i built

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  14. RobH added a post in a topic HELP! ANYONE FROM MA AREA!   

    UPDATE: police found the toolbox.. but it was empty! im getting it back monday! and this time its staying at my house!!!!!

    a big thank you for everyone that helped me !

  15. RobH added a post in a topic Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine   

    i would buy a roll of real window tint and try that! autozone ,walmart normally have it pretty cheap!

    its like a sticker!