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  1. Here are my top 10:

    10. Lindberg 40' Ford Coupe - being this was a Pyro's clone of the AMT kit, and a really messy one, it is buildable if not using 50% of whats in the box.

    9. AMT/MPC Dukes General Lee Charger - Previous issues were a mess (expecialy the 2007 release). The newest release by Round 2 fixes some major issues with the body and decals, but the rest is still a mess and it's worth getting a Revell 69' Charger kit, but using the '68 body (as it's a hardtop not a vinyl top the 69 is) and the rest of fthe dukes parts to make it into a superb Lee.

    8.AMT/MPC/ERTL 69' & 73 Mustang Mach 1 kits - both are the excat same POS with different bodys/interiors. The 73 is a tad nicer, only because the body on the 69 is horrid (worse than Revells, though the only thing wrong with that one is the shape of the front nose & grille).

    7. AMT F&F 70' Charger - If you though when I said the General Lee kit was bad, believe me when I say how shatty THIS variant is. It's worse than the GL and thankfully was only released once. The grille dosen't fit like Jesica Alba's recent plastic surgery, the blower parts are nothing more but shapes of horse dung w/ chrome plating; and the rest barely repersents the 1:1 car.

    6. AMT/ERTL Lamborghini Diablo - The ill-fittng one piece glass unit is the real killer of this kit.

    5. AMT/Polar Lights 64' Pontiac GTO - As i've previously mentioned in one of the topics on here, the only good thing this kit is good for is the chassis, interior, suspension/exhaust units, and maybe the wheels/tires, to restore/update an old AMT GTO annual or the current 65' goat kit. The body and motor on the PL kit are reccomended as scrap parts to test out paint on. Get the Revell-Monogram kit if you want a accurate Goat.

    4. AMT/MPC 69 Camaro Z28 Coupe/Convertables - When the body was restored (poorly) in the mid- 80s after it's life as the 69 Firebird (which isn't as bad TBH), the body on the convertable is not-so-good, but the coupe body is horendorus on all accounts! The rest of of the kit is so-so, being it's shared with the firebird (and even carrying it's engine and steering wheel, among other things).

    Monograms attempt from the 70's is bad, but miles ahead of this one!

    3. MPC Ice Cream Truck Show Rod - Stay away, FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!

    2.Revell Porsche 50's Speedster - Could be buildable if the body was a SINGLE piece unit rather than that horrid, warped multipiece body.

    And now... Numero ONO!!

    AMT/ERTL 66' Mustang GT coupe -

    (Sorry I keep using that - it's just too funny not to post... expecally when over THAT kit!!)

    I've heard of more Pyro, IMC, and oldie revell kits. But most of those i've never built, so maybe U guys prolly have.

    I've told you my worst kits i've ever built, now lets hear yours!

  2. I can't remember what the movie is called, but the entire opening scene, i.e. when the opening credits are scrolling, is filmed under water. There are dozens of dead bodies with their feet cast in concrete blocks, in every stage of decompostion imaginable.

    If anybody out there knows the film, I'd love to know it's title.

    The name of the film yer talking about is called "99 and 44/100% Dead" from 1974. I remember that opening sequence when I saw it on TV a while back (creepy isin't it). IIRC, there were a few sequences with some car chase scenes, but most of it consisted of the typical 70's action/supense/sex-crazed mish-mash of the era. Still, it's an intresting watch to check out, considering the ###### we get nowadays.

    Here's the page about the film if your intrested:


    I think it's been released on DVD in North America and quite possibly in the PAL regon. It shows up on premimum movie channels and some HD feeds from time to time.

  3. Monkie Mobile would be nice to have again if they fix the horrible flash and warpage the 2000 issue had (Will this one have the figures?)

    AMT Amtronic....

    That kit is horrendous!! Nothing fit, flash everywere, and most of the kit was a PITA to put together!! Unless they fix the fitment issues it has, I plan to avoid it like the plegue!

    I thought the Manx was canceled? Or was that the VW Bugaboo drag car?

    All the others would be nice to have again... Cept the 66 'Stang. Why is that getting reissued? Theres allready a whole smackload of the previous issues still out there fresh in the package... for less than a $1.00. Theres tons of other subjects that are more worthy in getting rereleased, and could sell far more units than that POS!

  4. I heard if this '57 Ford sells well, we'll prolly see a Ranchero tool, and a Fairlane Convertable (crossing fingers!)

    To untie confusion here, the GMC wrecker that will be released next month is the old REVELL Caption Hook Snap-Tite kit from 1978 - last seen w/ generic decals in 1993.

    This GMC pick-up w/ snow plow is the Monogram kit that was last seen as a Chevy stepside (which is the same kit, but different badging and etc.) in 1995, but with the GMC parts restored and new? snow plow parts added (rumored to be from the rare 1980 Ford F-250 Monogram made)

  5. Like everyone said, stay away, far away from the Polar Lights/AMT's 64' 'Goat kit (heck, the PL Cornet is far better than that POS!)and get the Revell-Monogram one (due to be rereleased soon under their "Classic Crusers" lineup in white plastic)...Or if you got big bucks to spend, the orginal AMT kit from 1964.

    The only thing the Polar Lights kit is good for is the interior/seats/dash, chassis, suspension parts, maybe the wheels & tires, and exhaust... to maybe use on the AMT 64-65 kits. But the PL body and engine (worst phonco motor ever imo!) are only destioned to be ether discarded in the trash bin, or used as test parts mules for paint/primer.

  6. Andy, if you take a rag with toothpaste on it, it will dull out the chrome shine to an aluminum finish... along with making the serface smoother.

    Most slivers (even ones marked metalic sliver or flat/dull aluminum) do this, I dinno why but if you want a more realstic finish, try the methiod I mentioned above.

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