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  1. I have seen 1:1s with the RB26 swap, it's not that unusual. What IS unusual is seeing a 1:1 '76 Pintostang with a Flathead V8. That to me is strange.
  2. Fresh off the workbench, in anticipation of the upcoming Round 2 reissue! Gluebomb resto, with leftover parts coming from the recent Round 2 reissue of the Bomex/F&F Supra. Stock motor went to a different project, so a resin copy of the Tamiya 2JZ Supra motor by TheGameBoyCustoms was used. Exterior is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue, cleared with Pledge.
  3. Fresh off the workbench! Built from the body of a gluebomb AMT F&F Veilside Supra, with most of the guts from recent Round 2 reissue of the Bomex/F&F Supra. Rear bumper had cutouts for a dual exhaust setup, so a new setup was made from parts from the spares bin. The 2JZ lent itself to a different project, so a LS block/transmission from a 98/02 Camaro/Firebird V8 was used with leftover LS7 parts from a C6 Z06. Vortech style supercharger was made from a old turbo and parts from the spares bin. Wheels+tires are custom units from the Revell Acura Integra and Revell MCM '02 Camaro SS Exterior is Tamiya TS-72 Clear Blue over Tamiya TS-58 Pearl Light Blue, cleared with Pledge.
  4. Completed in August. Built from the recent Supernatural of the AMT '67 Impala tool. Was going for a light custom take on "Baby", but the stock-ish hood was very ill-fitting. It was soon discovered parts raided from a junk '67 SS were a much better fit and the build went a different route from there. I figured "a 4 door Impy SS would be different and not just another Supernatural car". The SS hood needed to be sanded down on the sides and underneath, especially by the hood latch. The SS front bumper was a direct fit and looks much betterer than the stock piece. Wheels/tires/brakes set are the custom pieces from a Revell '62 Corvette, and a air filter comes from the spares bin. Exterior is Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange over Rustoluem Aluminum, cleared with Pledge.
  5. Completed in August. Built from the 1997 street machine issue of the AMT kit. Was missing some parts like wheels/tires, the LT1 style intake and air filter. Those were supplied by the custom wheels/tires/brakes set from a Revell '65 Chevy C-10, and a new custom made intake from an exhaust muffler. Exterior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow, cleared with Pledge.
  6. Completed in May around the same time as the '89 T/A Indy. Built from the AMT/MPC kit. Did this one as a similar color scheme to mimic a what-if phantom had Pontiac run the '90-92 style T/A at the Indy 500. A Monogram Buick GNX donated it's 3.8 V6 sans turbos, with V6 headers coming from an unknown source.. A supercharger setup was complied from parts from a SVT F-150 Lightning and a 1992 Ford Thunderbird V6. Like the '89, wheels & tires were sourced from a Revell Acura Integra, and disc brakes from the spares bin. Exterior is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White, cleared with Pledge.
  7. Completed in May. Built from the AMT/MPC kit. Decals surprisingly went on well considering the age of this kit and the box being in sad condition when purchased. Only modifications are adding a K/N style air filter and better wheels & tires from a Revell Acura Integra and disc brakes from the spares bin. Exterior is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White, cleared with Pledge.
  8. Yep, the Skyline's muffler was the right shape to fit over the 4.6's intake manifold. Pretty neat idea influenced by the setup I saw on a 1:1 twin turbo '04 Mach 1 once.
  9. Completed in April. Built from Revell kit. A simple, box stock build (extremely rare from the likes of myself, considering the amount of changes I do to most of my builds). Front glass was a major PTA to put in, warpage I guess. Overall, not one of my most spectacular, but a quick slump buster. Exterior is Tamiya TS-92 Metallic Orange (I guess a close enough match for GM's Atomic Orange), cleared with Pledge.
  10. Finished in March. Built from Round 2 reissue of the AMT 1967 Mustang GT. Obviously, no trace of AMT's own abomination of the TD car was even used here. This attempt was to get it as close to the movie car as possible. RB26DETT swap and exhaust came from a Tamiya Skyline R32 Nismo. Front grille opened up and mesh added. Parts like radiator, intercooler, ect comes from the spares bin while suspensions come from a C6 corvette and a Datsun 240z. Tires from Revell and AMT pieces, wheels come from the Revell Acura Integra with lips from a set of Aoshima wheels. Stripes are the AMT '67 GT decals. Exterior is a custom mix of Tamiya Clear Orange over Mica Blue to replicate the metallic green of the 1:1, cleared with Pldege.
  11. Finished in October 2021. Built from Revell Snap-Tite kit circa 1992. Only modifications are the custom wheels and tires coming from an Acura RSX, and a custom built single turbo setup (hard to see in pics, not that the 1:1s were anymore spacious in the engine bay). Exterior is Color Place Fire Red, cleared with Pledge.
  12. Finished in October 2021. Built from Revell/Monogram Ford Mustang Shelby Hertz GT350. Lots of customization done here, ranging from new suspensions, exhaust, 2JZ swap, too much to list! Exterior is Rustoluem Metallic Grey, cleared with Pledge.
  13. Finished in October 2021. Built from Revell Monogram SVT Mustang Cobra kit. Customized a bit to look like a 2004 Mach 1. Added shaker hood scoop from a Revell '70 Torino Cobra, front chin spoiler from a AMT Ford Probe rear spoiler, and rear spoiler from a Revell Saleen Mustang Speedster. RB26DETT swap came from a Tamiya Skyline R32 Nismo, with the SVT Cobra's exhaust modified to hook up with the RB's header. Wheels and tires are the custom pieces from a Revell Subraru Impreza WRX. Exterior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow cleared with Pledge.
  14. Finished in October 2021. Built from Tamiya Skyline Nismo kit. Only modifications were a 1999 SVT cobra 4.6 DOHC V8 swap with custom built twin turbo and manifold, and side exhaust exiting from the side skirts. Exterior is Color Place Fire Red with the Hood Rustoluem Metallic Grey to simulate Carbon Fiber. All cleared with Pledge.
  15. Finished in October 2021. Built from this rare issue of AMT's F&F Supra with the stock spoiler Only changes were switching out the exhaust tip and swapping those fugly a$$ wheels with a combo from the Revell/Monogram '37 Goodguys Ford coupe. Exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge.
  16. Finished in October 2021. Built from recent Round 2 reissue of the Bomex/F&F AMT Toyota Supra. Following modifications had been made: Removed rear Gas tank Custom built side exhaust Filled in targa top, rear bumper exhaust outlet, and trunk area holes made for speakers Added hood scoop from 1998 Pontiac Trans Am hood on to the Supra's hood Duck tail spoiler made from Revell VW New Beatle custom wing 5.4 V8 donated from a SVT Cobra Mustang, with twin supercharger setup adapted from a Revell Pro-Street C4 Corvette Wheels+tires are from the Revell 2018 Ford GT Le Mans racer Exterior is Tamiya TS-92 Metallic Orange cleared with Pledge.
  17. Finished back in June. Started as two dirt cheap Street Fever Vette gluebombs. Kit #1 had most everything on sprues but with a badly mangled, heavily glued body, kit #2 with a mint body and glass but the chassis/interior/motor stuff having 40 gallons worth of glue. Obviously, the body from #2 was used with the chassis/frame/chrome/glass from #1. Kit #1 was missing the F/R suspension stuff & motor, while #2's elements were so badly melted and welded with glue on the frame they were unsalvageable. Both were missing small other things which were substituted with elements from the spares bin. Things like the hood, roof, and front glass were so atrociously fitting that they were tended to the best possible without breaking what is otherwise a hard kit to come by. Front & rear suspensions and motor were lifted from a MPC/AMT C4 Corvette. The 350 SBC also has a custom fuel injected twin turbo setup, and things like exhaust/brakes/radiator stuff came from the spares bin. Wheels are from a C6. Exterior is Testors Clear Candy Green over Rustoluem Silver, cleared with Pledge.
  18. Finished in June. Revell kit #85-2371 with the only changes being Foose wheels, hood scoop from a MPC Vega Pro-Street, and a fuel injected intake setup. Exterior is Tamiya TS-92 Metallic Orange cleared with Pledge.
  19. Built in September 2020 from a gluebomb resto of a 1992 era Revell Snap-Tit kit. Had an extra motor from a mint kit and the front bay of the gluebomb had tons of extra space, so I figured "what the hell, why not TWO V6 motors". THAT'S never been done before! Other than cutting open the front hoot and a bit of room in the bay for the V6 up front and to add drive shafts, not a ton of other mods were done. Just some custom wheels from a Revell '09 Challenger, air filters, and exhaust pieces/tips from the spares bin. Exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge. Apologies for the graininess of the last two pics, hard to get a good view of the bays.
  20. Finished back in April. Built from a Revell Ford Focus that had donated it's motor and rear suspension to a different project. For something different, this project went down the mid-engine rabbit route a since such a feet has never been attempted before, and certainly not with a 5.4 V8 behind the drivers seat! The body and interior are the kit's pieces but extensive mods take place underneath. The front half was mostly the kit's remaining suspension with an air dam, custom radiator, and spare tire. Back half was where extensive modifications took place. Several parts from the spares bin, a C6 Corvette, Ferarri Enzo, and a Jaguar XJ220 were used for crafting things like rear engine bay, exhaust, driveshafts, suspension, brakes, rear glass, etc. Sheet styrene was used to create some areas of the engine bay. A battered Revell 2010 Shelby GT500 Wheels donated it's Supercharged 5.4 V8 with the transaxle coming from a AMT Jaguar XJ220. Wheels are from the Monogram Lotus Esprit Sport 300. Side vents are from a AMT '67 Shelby GT500. Exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge.
  21. Finished back in March. Built from the Round 2 reissue of an old, ugly, almost forgotten modification of MPC's 66-70 Oldsmobile Toronado tool. Obviously, extensive modifications and exclusions of certain (goofy IMHO) body features to make this acid trip, mishmash custom more in line with Jay Leno's 66 Olds. Obviously, the 1960s MPC bare promo style chassis wasn't going to cut it and there were plans for 4WD to go with the planned twin turbo LS7. A Revell 1990 Ford Thunderbird frame was found to be a far better fit under the Olds body/interior tub and allow for a 4WD setup. Some modifications and extensions up were made to the front of the frame and the kit's engine bay was also discovered to be a snug fit with minimal trimming. A junk Z06 donated it's motor with several mods and a custom twin turbo setup using the Olds Transmission linked to a Corvette diff in the rear. Center of the interior tub was modified to allow for a torque tube going from the Olds trans to the Corvette rear differential. Several parts from the spares bin were used for things like exhaust, driveshafts, suspension, brakes, radiator, etc. Wheels are Pegasus Hobbies 2309 23 LUXOR S. Exterior is Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange under Rustoluem Metallic Aluminum cleared with Pledge.
  22. Tower Hobbies shows a September release for the long awaited MPC Celica repop https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/125-1983-toyota-celica-supra/MPC891.html Day one for these! Time those Evilbay scalpers on the originals get ######!
  23. Here's the thing with Tamiya spray cans and Super Clean/Purple Power: If you use their Grey/White primer underneath the SC/PP will not make it budge, especially so when using Tamiya base coats on top. Even if you use other brands enamels or acrylics on top of a Tamiya primer base, it will take the former two off with ease but not even touch the primer. The same goes for the Duplicolor sprays. I hear the best methods in these instances would be 91% rubbing alcohol, Easy Off, ELO, or a combination of the three. However, if you have cheap Enamel Lacquer bases underneath Tamiya sprays, the PP easily attacks the former and also causes the unaffected Tamiya layer to slide off with it in sheets. An example is a body I painted with True Value Grey Enamel/Lacquer primer, followed by cheap Home Depot Flat Black, Rustoluem Silver, and then a Tamiya Metallic color over that like Blue/Green/Red/Orange. For faster results, scrape or scuff the paint to show the bare plastic or primer coat. Another fun fact: the Testors One Coat Lacquers are actually Enamel Lacquers like the Rustoluem lines. Those from past experience come off real easy with the Purple Pond.
  24. Built from the recent Round 2 reissue of a crica 2003 AMT kit (originally in the Fast and Furious line). Built mostly OOB with the exception of reworking the kit's blob motor to look semi decent. Unlike the Supra, this one had major problems with bad fitment, warpage, and a "motor" looked to have been blueprinted by someone who never saw an engine before. It had a 4 cyl NA header on the back and some weird looking thing with a turbo up front. A custom front header was added while reusing the kit's turbo and doing a whole new plumbing/piping setup. Interior is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metalic Blue, and the exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge.
  25. Built from the recent Round 2 reissue of a crica 2003 AMT kit (originally in the Fast and Furious line). Built 98% OOB with the exception of an added aluminum exhaust tip from a Revell import kit of unknown origin (the AMT's exhaust tip was short shoted). Leftover decals from the recently reissues AMT 1995 Mitsubshi Eclipse were used to mimic the graphics scheme of the F&F car. Exterior and interior is Tamiya TS-97 Pearl Yellow lightly misted over Rustoluem Orange to replicate the Pearl Orange of the F&F car. All of this is cleared with Pledge.
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