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  1. Not much here grabs my attention, as I have a backlog of kits and money is also very tight for me now. Wake me when they announce reissues of the MPC '82 Celica Supra and the AMT '95 Supra, as those two are great for kitbashes and parts swapin. The 4 door Supernatural Impy is cool, but I imagine they'll show up at Hobby Lobby down the road since it's a popular licenced properly. I wait instead of plunking down $35+ at initial release then finding out they carry it months later and being cheaper with their coupons.
  2. If I recall correctly, wasn't the AMT Mitsubishi Eclipse announced in R2's lists? I imagine the F&F 95 Supra will follow if Round 2 has the Fast and Furious licence from Universal and also the Toyota licence with the 1/64th Supras for Auto World's line.
  3. Yeah, I reversed that tire shortly after I took the photos. Usually, I don't make that mistake but I was tired from after 2 hours of unwarping the twisted front end and an additional 45 mins of straightening out the ride height.
  4. This is a rebuild of a failed attempt from about 12 years ago. It was so warped and bent on top of the poor hood and glass fit, that it got scrapped and recycled for other projects at some point. A few years back, I acquired a Monogram '92 ZR1 (molded in red) cheap in a club auction that not only had a horribly gluebombed body, but was also badly twisted with a broken section near the trunk area that made it unusable for anything else. However, the rest of the ZR1's contents were untouched and still on it's trees, and that inspired me to locate the body, front bumper, and glass glass of the Ca
  5. Built from this kit Which also had custom parts for the George Barris hot rod version. Some of the customizing parts looked goofy or didn't fit very well, so I sourced some bits and such from the spares bins to make a modern pickup rod. Mods as followed: Independent front suspension made from Ferarri Enzo pieces and Monogram 1992 Corvette A arms Monogram 1992 Corvette also gave it's independent rear suspension + axle. Wheels and tires are from a Revell Motor City Muscle '69 Shelby GT500. Disc brakes are from a Hummer H2 Kit's custom exhaust was lengthened
  6. Now finished! Mods are as followed: Chevy 350 LT1 block (painted Tamiya TS 74 Clear Red over Rustoluem Bright Silver) and transmission from Revell 4th Gen Camaro Z28 Corvette LT1 heads, headers, and waterpump/fan belts from Monogram '92 Corvette Convertible. Edlebrock valve covers from AMT 34 Ford parts Roots drag supercharger from AMT Silhouette, intake made from ribbed muffler system of unknown source Twin Turbos from TheGameBoy Resins, and air filters from spares bin sources. Radiator/intercooler looks to be from a Monogram Nascar piece and intake pipes were made from fr
  7. This AMT '66 Olds started life as a very old build crica 2009. It was a mild custom painted a similar red like on the box, and had a LS1 swap from a Revell 2002 Camaro with "20 mag wheels from a Revell 66 Chevelle SS Wagon. At some point it was mined for parts, mainly the wheels and LS1 motor, to go on other projects. After a few years of sitting on the shelf in pieces, it ended up scrapped in a storage crate until being found in a parts hunt very recently. Surprisingly, most of the essential parts were there even the front+ rear glass, which is rare when finding parts to resurrect an old bui
  8. Vintage Revell 1/25. No major issues aside the side glass being severely warped beyond any us and the rear glass not entirely seating down. Went through two sets of the rear windows, the first one literally a slope due to warpage. The second one that's on here isn't a perfect fit ether but looks fine all things considered. First row of mods: Kit's seats were missing, so ones from a AMT 4th Gen Firebird Trans Am were used to fill that void. Exhaust tips of unknown source from spares bin Wheels are custom ones from Revell Acrua RSX, and painted Rustoluem Metallics Pure Gold
  9. Recently reissued 1/25th MPC kit. Fiddly in spots and the side bed pieces were so warped, that I had to glue the tailgate shut and rubber band them all together. Modifications as followed: L28ET SOHC I6 Turbo engine swap from an AMT Datsun 280ZX Turbo Exhaust tip from AMT 4th Gen F-body kits Bucket seats and steering wheel from Revell Datsun 240z. Steering Wheel gauge is kit's custom part and shifter is from unknown source Kit's leaf springs were warped and the left one was snapped on the tree. Kit's rear axle was used with custom 4 link like setup with rear springs.
  10. The frame is the kit's unit. This is the AMT kit which had the suspension and exhaust components molded separate. The MPC Monzas from what I've seen have those elements molded in to the frame, as they were originally promos converted into glue type detail kits. Neither have I, though i've seen some folks build the Monza SS wide body race version, which i'd love for R2 to reissue or happen to get a hold of one at a decent price someday.
  11. Recent "Original Art" series reissue of AMT 1/25th scale kit. Modifications as followed: Custom "Aero" front and rear bumper parts that came with Monza were used. GTO style hoot tach bump from unknown source. Most of LT1 motor from AMT '94 Camaro manifold; oil pan and water pump/pulley pieces came from AMT Monza V8 Custom headers (may have been the ones for the 350 turbo setup) from a MPC 82 Knight Rider Firebird Custom side exhaust made from scrap plastic sprue and muffler+tip from unknown subject Ricardo like seats and shiftier from MPC '70 Super Bee Pro Street
  12. Revell-Monogram 1/25th kit circa 1998. Kit was missing quite a few pieces, but regardless modifications are as followed: Kit's dashboard was lacking instrument gauges, ones were added using unused Revell Datsun 240z decals Kit's side glass pieces were missing, so mesh screening pieces were used in their place Custom LT1 style fuel injection setup made from an AMT 94 Camaro manifold and a 67 Impala Prostreet 427 intake Edlebrock valve covers from AMT '34 Ford 350 V8. Air Filter is unknown piece from parts bin. Kit was missing headers, so ones were gathered using stock
  13. Thanks! Yeah, stuff that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH with an LS when it blows LOL! Straight pipe exhaust is the stock piece from the BRE version.
  14. The Northstar motor was initially developed by Oldsmobile but originated in the '92 Cadillacs. The 4.6 liter version was the most widely used version in all GM cars until 2011, but only the smaller 4.0 liter version (which was used in the 99-02 Olds Aurora and the Shelby Series 1) was the only one ever kitted. The Series one version of the motor is not only supercharged, but is also in a RWD configuration that required trimming of the trans+ molded drive line to replace it with the Fieros separate transmission. Vinny, it's this kit: 1/24th Scale, reissued in 1994 an
  15. 2015 issue of Revell BRE Datsun 240z racer. On top of having some warped spots (that were partially fixed without breaking another hood or set of glass into two), most parts needed massaging, hollowing, and trimming to lay in place. Main offender was the dashboard being too tall and making the body look like a lift up funny car. That and the firewall needed to be trimmed to get the body to frame/interior fit in line. It's not perfect, but acceptable considering the warping didn't help a kinda messy 70s era Revell kit. Following modifications were made: Upgraded wheels/tires + brakes
  16. Nice work! Monogram's Vette kits were fickle, especially with the hood and the glass fitments. How bad did the one piece glass affair and hood fit go once all the motor and radiators were in? Have one of these unstarted (that was checked and had parts de warped by me) in my stash, seeing yours makes me want to start it and hope things go for the best. I had attempted to build one of these about 12 years ago, but my kit was so warped and bent on top of the poor hood and glass fit, that it got scrapped and recycled for other projects.
  17. I applaud your take and ideas on improving this steaming hunk of garbage. Now I see 67 GTO becomes a totally different kit when you dump the janky frame, motor and interior and swap it out with anything else. Is that the AMT 67 Pro Street Chevelle frame you used? It looks different to the Revell 67, but then I remembered the AMT kit had inner fenders in the frame compared to the Revell with them in the engine compartment.
  18. I applaud you for even getting those nasty fitting noses to look proper! The underlying MPC kit is OK, but the custom front nose is one of the worst fitting things to crop up in any model build, second to the AMT 69 Daytona's nose and the AMT Lamborghini Diablo body to chassis fit.
  19. Monogram kit with modifications as followed: 4.0 supercharged Northstar motor from a failed scrap Revell Shelby Series 1 Wheels & tires + steering wheel from scrap Shelby Series 1 build Resin racing seats Chrome exhaust tips from AMT 93 Camaro Interior paint is Krylon Shimmer Metallic Candy Pear, exterior is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green cleared with Pledge (aka Future, but goes under 900,000 different names nowadays) Here are le pics, and enjoy!
  20. What color paint is that? Testors one coat or Tamiya?
  21. Nice work as usual! I salute you for getting the BMF to stay put and lay smooth. The last few batches of it I used a while ago barely stuck to anything and profusely crumbled up.
  22. Normally i'm not in to these (and supposedly they're rare for being kinda curbsides), but a few years ago I saw the '97 HHO reissue and the 1980 Street Freak issues cheap as some shows and figured what the hey. White/Red/Blue is the 1997 issue of the Hurst Harry Olds (in the vintage Monogram boxart), Green one was the 1980 Street Freak reissue (which is really the same Hurst Harry Olds with new decals). Green 442 was finished weeks ago but was in progress on/off for about 4 years waiting for paint, which was applied on one of the worst and windiest thanksgivings ever that tossed the body aroun
  23. After solving my login error screen issues, finally chimed in to (once again) say that it was a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shame these didn't place at all at the LIARS show. OTOH, they do look real nice in person and viewing them on PNGs.
  24. Nice work so far, look forward to seeing it finished! Never knew about the lack of center crease on the MPC T/As, TMYK. Do the Monogram kits have it? I don't remember seeing the creases on one of the the 91' Formulas I've built several years ago.
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