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  1. Yeah, but where else can you get a fox body Capri? I stockpiled a few of those for some rep-stock conversions someday. But first I have to figure out how to reduce those Mustang flares.
  2. It may be a "rabbit hole", but it sure is fun remembering all these great childhood shows. BTW, this is the first time I've ever heard/seen a "Banana Buggy" kit. It would be cool to convert it into a regular Amphicat. Amazingly, Aurora did it in the right scale!
  3. Oh, that's right. It wasn't the talking dog, it was the talking penguin!
  4. Mr, Magoo. Good one! Voiced by Thurston Howell III. And Mr. Peabody, voiced by Maxwell Smart. And I know radio personality Kasey Kasem voiced quite a few too, but I can't remember which. Anybody - Bueller??
  5. After a while I had to roll my eyes at Super Friends. I mean they were so stuffy and so full of themselves. And they never could actually catch and convict any of the members of the Hall of Doom. Brother!
  6. Droopy dog was part of Tom and Jerry, which was another of my favorites!
  7. Of course, Bugs Bunny. That's a given! I don't remember a Hot Wheels cartoon. Sounds like it could've been good. I remember cartoons with the Jackson 5 Three Stooges and the Brady Bunch (not in the same show, of course) And there was a Gilligan Island cartoon. I remember it being fun.
  8. What scale is it and what Pontiac kit are you looking for?
  9. This probably isn't relatable to the younger generations. But, What cartoons did you grow up with? I remember getting up early on Saturday Morning, clicking on the TV and spending the time building models and watching 'toons. As I've always been into cars, my favorites tended to include vehicles in the story lines. These are some of the forgotten few that I enjoyed.
  10. I'm thinking of how to make one. Like you I saw the stretched panels and winced. But the old trailers used flat sheets cut into trapezoid shapes bent around the ends to meet in the middle. I'm thinking of making one using sheet plastic attached together like they do.
  11. Oh Heck No! Like I said, I just read it in one of the magazines. Pretty funny article, too!
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