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  1. Gregg will do anything to get those subscription numbers up! 🤗😂😆😅
  2. I've always wondered why the huge push for electric, but no research for other alternative "clean burning" fuels. Hydrogen is the cleanest. Put it in a fuel cell and it emits water as it's byproduct. Propane is already in use, why not improve it's use. Chrysler's turbine engine ran on anything. Maybe it's time to reconsider that source.
  3. There, fixed it. Now it makes sense. 👍🙄
  4. Those decals and tinted windows for the shell look great! Now I know I have to get one. I'll use the extra parts to restore my "bombed" original!
  5. Always loved their opening features! Matchbox were always my favorite. Pocket Cars were second.
  6. Back in the 90s, my friend had some employee friends who could sign us into the park, so we used to go regularly. I've seen so much of the main park that there's no surprises for me anymore. I do have many happy memories of spending time there, so seeing so much has changed leaves me longing for the old days. I miss all the stuff they used to have on Tom Sawyer Island. The fort, the rifle towers, the hidden tunnels, the spinning rock and lots of other things that were removed due to safety and lawsuits. That island was a park in itself!
  7. I'm not familiar with this ride. Sounds like it would've been a fun one. Do you remember the name of it or what year you went on it?
  8. According to reports, essentially it was. Problem was, the technology wasn't great, so it kept breaking down. That was the reason it closed after only 5 years in operation. Apparently, it was a very popular ride and is one that is most missed - even today!
  9. While browsing the 'net, I came across sites that reminisced about what is gone from the "Happiest Place on Earth". Share your memories, anecdotes and regrets for what you wish was still there. Here's what I miss: 10. Mission to Mars. Hokey and hopelessly, out-of-date animatronics, but it was a throw back to where Disneyland began. 9. Fort Wilderness. Tom Sawyer Island just isn't the same without this treasure! 8. Sky Buckets. The view of the park was spectacular from here. Too bad they had nothing to replace it. 7. Country Bear
  10. Looks good to me so far, especially the engine details. And considering you just had surgery, even better!
  11. Too cool! Someday I hope to get a 3d printer. Any idea how much the resin refills are?
  12. Actually, I wasn't referring to you specifically. I was just commenting on how so many folks defiantly say they're going to build their old kits however they want to, but get peeved if somebody else glue bombs a kit they don't have. That's the irony!
  13. Ah, the irony! For years I hear cries of "it's my kit, I'll do as I please", To,"They'll ruin all the old kits!" To that I respectfully reply: "It's their kits, they can do what they want with them. They were meant to be built". None of the kits he used were in any way old, rare or valuable. At least not yet. In 20 years - who knows? At least he's being creative and having fun with them. For that, I admire his work. No different than what we do here.
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