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  1. The street versions already out, it's the SnapTite. Unless they see sales are impressive enough given the state of their parent owner, I don't see them tooling up another stock version from this full detail tool when the snap has been out for a while.
  2. I don't have a Meijer store in NY, but the prices you mention aren't that hot anyway, since I got an RX7 from a local vendor a while back for 15 sealed but ended up missing a part which was a whole 'nother story.
  3. Anyone see the Revell '78 RX7 and Miata on clearance last there? I wanna stock up on those case they go OOP quick like the last issues of the Datsuns.
  4. 3 Guys is still open after all? Phewww! Gonna have to drop by there sometime after this snow job we're getting, roads are gonna be a battlezone for the next few days after. I do know that Elwood Hobby (AKA, Larry's Hobby back before the name change around 2008-ish) at 3006 Jericho Tpke., East Northport, NY isn't around anymore, last we tried to go there was back around 3 years ago we went past and his whole store space was empty with no sign ;(. My dad and I used to go to that place from time to time before we joined LIARS in '09, ahh the memories.
  5. Which LHS was this? Don't tell me it was 3 Guys Hobby in Smithtown? I know that one was run by a widowed old woman as we've gone there on occasion, last we went was back in July IIRC. I know, its sad all these are starting to fade away. Many factors are ever increasing rates of everything and lack of interest in the general public and most of today's youth (kids today are ether 24/7 PC gamers and/or know how to hack websites and phones, while ppl in my age bracket make shock videos and adult things on the web or scam for drug money, its crazy!)
  6. Here's the thing, that RX7 was missing the glass front rear and taillights and all were part numbered on the form, which turned out to be the entire tree anyway. A friend of mine was missing the whole chrome tree on his sealed new issue Acura Integra bought from Ebay, and Revell sent his less than a week he filled in his replacement form and got it. Meanwhile I'm still waiting two months for mine and CS lied about it being sent out 9/28 when it was still in process as they said in an earlier email, so its not the type of request I'm making since my friend made his similar, its just incompetenc
  7. If you find one and if it's missing parts, betta make sure you have a spare kit or a 68/69 (even though its a different, older tool) because if you're gonna use Revell's parts replacement, its gonna be a long wait and they'll say lies that it was delivered but then say its not shipped and in process.
  8. Back in August I bought another Revell '78 RX7 from a vendor brand new and it was missing the whole clear parts tree. He doesn't take returns but told me the kit is a new release and to go to Revell's site and fill out the free replacement parts form for the glass tree. So I submitted my free parts replacement order #166549 on 9/20 and they said a 6-8 week waiting process, so I figured I'd wait 5 or so. Then I heard from a friend of mine that Revell ships replacement parts real quick and he got his in under a week, and yet its been two months and I never got mine (I was never asked kit photos
  9. Did this go OOP? I swore reading it did a while back but again who knows what R2 drops and keeps in production nowadays.
  10. If it's Revell, then it's probably just gonna be another stinkin' variation of the '32 in the Foose line with enhancements, in which "ground breaking" would mean "best seller even though it's a tired subject" for Revell and Ed Saxton.
  11. This: Or likely this: Considering the Johan toolings are raggedy and $$$$, in addition to the MPC '69 AMX being 1/20th.
  12. So I'm working on a Revell '66 Impala to be built in the style of my Lime Green '65 and wanted another set of the Foose wheels to keep the build style in tradition to the '65. So I got another Foose '65 for real, put the custom wheels aside in the '66 box and brainstormed ideas for the 2nd '65. I was going to make it a gasser Impy or slapping some mags and painting it baby blue of some sort, but then I saw the rear glass came broken in half in the bag and then I had this odd idea come over me and stumbled upon some rust bucket impalas upon a photo search for some inspiration. This is also my v
  13. To those who have the 2017 reissue, does it still have the custom parts from the Matchbox street machines issue (which was also carried over to the 1996 AMT/Ertl issue) or is it truly based off the stock config of the very 1st release? Not a big deal if it doesn't since I already got both the Street Machine and 1996 issues all for the same MSRP of the new reissue, but since the new box doesn't mention a custom version nor a parts tree layout, i'm curious...
  14. Just came back from picking this up, I can report the A-pillars on mine are prefect and the glass stood intact as well. The roof/top is slightly warped near the front but nothing a bit of bending will fix.
  15. This was the 1st one I was working on between http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/124820-78-rm-mazda-rx7-1-first-posted-wip-in-a-while/, which i've yet to make any further updates on due to life and what not. This has the Cafe Racer add-ons and extra. Mods include replacing the molded suspension springs and shocks with finer ones from the spares box, along with lowering and adjustments to the ride hight. Wheels are from the '77 Monte Snapper and tires from the PL 2004 GTO and disc brakes are from the spares. Engine is the rotary 12A with a custom built turbo setup made from a big azz truc
  16. Its only just new "Foose" designed wheels and an air cleaner . Otherwise, its just a stock 65 Impy like the 67 Charger and 68 Firebird in the line (the Ford F100 and Caddy are totally custom designs).
  17. First posted under glass in a while, more will come now that the site has unlimited photo storage (I guess Photobucket's ransom was a blessing in disguise). Revell '65 Chevy Impala Foose edition almost OOB, with the exception of exhaust pipe tips, one mirror and no door handles for a "suicide" door look. Paint is Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green coated with Future floor wax, and interior is Rustoluem Satan Tan dulled with flat clear (it was way, way too glossy). Sorry for the messy work display and all, but I hope some of you enjoy!
  18. If you find one, make sure yours isn't warped around the roof. One I bought was brand new sealed and looks as if some ghost sat on the roof.
  19. Know about the whole Photobucket thing and I never liked that service much anyway, so now I can post directly on the forum Anyway, here's 1/2 RX7s i'm working on on top of everything else on my plate. One is mostly the Cafe Racer with a big a$$ turbo and some other upgrades, and its already painted Tamiya Deep Blue Peril (will post that one later). This one is getting further body adjustments (opened up the headlight to put in some clear ones with sliver backing), suspension upgrades, and a 2005 GTO LS1 with a supercharger from the spares box. Note this may not be to everyone's taste, and th
  20. Welp, its a good thing I waited on the Monster Truck flipnose reissue, because the stock config looks cooler and would go well with the 240 and 280zs in my stash being out of place.
  21. I put down a few on that list when I was at NNL East: 97 Camaro SS and Firebird Firehawk tools from their existing f-body mold The "ghost" Honda CRX that got canceled but the whole tool supposedly completed GMC Syclone and Chevy S10 Wave Rider reissues New tools like a 94' RX7 2 in 1 and Supra 2 in 1 with a stock option if possible And reissues of stuff like the Subrau WRX, 93 Civic (good F&F fodder), 99 Civic Hatch. I know these aren't to everyone's tastes, but the latter are stuff that wouldn't cost a lot to shoot up since they were fairly recent. I talked with Ed Saxton about the 78' R
  22. The Miata is nice to see again... Guess someone at Revell was listening.
  23. Wonder if it'll still include the custom option (body kit, ducktale wing, etc) from Matchbox Street Machine issue, which was also carried over to the 1990s reissue? Since the MPC Datsun monster truck is out, lets hope the 82 Celica isn't too far down the line.
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