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  1. Glad to see the GMC Wrecker back, though $25 is ALOT for a snapper... Hopefully (but not likely) the'll make into a full glue kit by retooling some stuff and/or add parts from the full detail '76 Chevy pick-up kits if they want to make the addmission price worth it.

    BTW, one last thing on the wrecker, the tires on the first release were plastic, but on the 1994 issue (and this coming release) they tooled up New rubber tires and wheels close to the orginals to fit them.

    Why is the former Revell VW Beetle in the Classic Crusers Line? Isn't it a hard and fussy kit fer young beginers to work with? (unless this one is a NEWER, more basic Revell AG tool we never heard about untill now)

    Speeking of Revell AG, the Lambo Diablo VT in the Classic Crusers line was a full detail Revell AG kit with snap like assembly (migha been released in the Snaptite line and in a 3 pack).

  2. Yer out of luck unless U wnat to settle for a cheap hot wheel or a diecast '08 Caravan (if you can find one).

    After 8 years of slapping on styrene, I forgot about those lindberg 96+ Grand Caravan snapper kits... My dad had one of those when I was a youngin, but in my early years of modeling (when I waz making everything look like the cars in NFS Underground 1 & 2) I destroyed it beyond belief becauz I was stupid :D

    Shoulda listened to him when he said "When you get better at them"... LOL! :lol:

  3. I hate wetsanding a paintjob because most of the time it scratches it up and takes some of the paint away. I considered using the tamiya fine grade sandpaper/polishing compound stuff at one point, but it's expensive and some ppl say it dosen't cut it with the small amount they give you! (I know there's Novus, but I can't find it at most of the LHS's I go to, and getting it online costs about $11 dollars more to ship it!)

    If wetsanding gets the best of ya, I'd try polishing out the body with good 'ol toothpaste and attack it with some Pledge Future Floor Wax. That's what I do and most of the time it comes out very suscessfull with a sandin' here and there.

    Hope this helps,


  4. Jus got back from a different Michales store a few hours ago that finally did their reset!! Got's me the '67 Chevelle SS for $13 with my 50% off coupon (It was $24.99, not $19.99 unless your store made a typo or they all raised the price after they really got it(.

    Also saw all other NEW kits chris mentioned there too even the Shelby GT-H.

    1/32 Mack tanker snapper, Viper ACR, Corvette ZR1, Hemi Dart, and the '67 Chevelle they had were all $24.99.

    The Shelby GT-H, AMT Concept Camaro, and Revell-o-gram '02 Camaro SS were $19.99.

    In the clearence isle, they did have a opened '68 Bullet 'Stang for $5.00.. Waz going to get it, but as I was inspecting it, I was surprised with a rather poorly built pony (it looked like the '70 Chevelle Walt Francis has somewere in this section):rolleyes::lol:. It looked like some lil kid tried their hand at modeling but didn't like it and had mom return it, along with the disgusting fact the store is dumbwitingly reselling it.

  5. Me and my Dad are going... We'll probably miss the internet friends meeting whenever time that is, but we'll prolly meet up with some of U guys while we're a browsin' the aera!

    BTW, my Dad's name is Richard too ans he's one hekofa truck fan too along with some wild 50's cars.

  6. I stopped at a Michael's store today and saw a few new kits on the shelves:

    Revell '02 Camaro SS

    Revell Viper SRT-10 ACR

    AMT Camaro SS Concept

    Revell '68 Dart GTS Special Edition

    Revell '67 Chevelle SS 396

    Mercedes die-cast...no clue on which model it was

    TNX Casey!

    Jus curious, what were the prices on those kits U saw? (BTW did you see the Corvette ZR1 there too?) I Guess the '02 Camaro,'67 Chevelle, ans the Mercedes diecat were all around ether $17.99, $19.99, or $21.99. Also think the Viper ACR and the '68 HEMI Dart are prolly $24.99 or (I highly doubt) maybe less.

    The AMT/R2 Concept Camaro they have should be around $17.99 or maybe even $19.99; can't see them chargein' over $28.99 like with the '70 Camaro and '55 Cameos the local AC Moore carrys (lord!! how could they charge so much for kits that go for around the $16-20 range).

    Ima going to check out different stores this weekend to see what they got... I also hear some stores got in the NEW COPO '69 Nova, '58 Thunderbird, '85 Mustang SVO, and maybe the Stars & Stripes '69 Corvette racer along with the stock release of the '77 Monte Carlo snapper.

    I'll see what they got and report if I hit or miss on anythang... If you guys see anything else aside from what already there at yer local michaels stores, holler!

  7. Richard, Prices vary as usual, but for the full glue detail kits you are looking at the full MSRP of $24.99. Of course they range from 17.99 and up. I was glad to see that they got some R2 kits in, albeit only the Concept Camaro, but this could segue into more offerings showing up.

    With that last part said, and hearing of Tomy purchasing the company, I hope there are no altering changes to the molds being leased so we can continue to get the great stuff re-released as well as the small number of new releases that R2 is working on.


    TNX Chris. Thought they were gonna jack-up the prices AGAIN like AC-Moore did, but I guess michaels go's with Revells MSRP rather than makeing up their own...

    For TOMY's purchase of RC2, I don't think it would effect ROUND 2 (the company that leases the tooling) unless they would buy them out alongside, or if they were intrested only for the model tooling. It could be a good thing for them or a bad one.

    Speeking of Tomy ans japan, I hope they and Tamiya, Ashoma, fujumi along with others are not affected by that massive earthquake going on there... May God bless them all and to their familys/friends/relatives

  8. Jus went to my local michales before an they started their reset. Nothing too speical like the '49 merc, '70 Challenger & '70 Chevelle street machiene, '07 GT500, Cali-wheels '60 chevy imapala ans '57 bel-air, some snapper kits and etc. - all of which the other stores have.

    Ima going to drop by to the other higher grade stores during the weekend to see what they got along with the kits that Chris previously mentioned. (Chris, would you happen to know the prices on those kits you mentioned?)

    If any of you guys spot anything else NEW other than the kits Chris mentioned at any of your stores, let us know.

    Casey, I saw BOTH the Hawaiian and the Chi-Town Funny cars (along with the Mongouse) at my local store; was going to get the latter one but didn't have enough coupons on me 2 get it. I'll print up some more for the weekend incase eye see something at the other stores.

    Funny thing was when I was at K-mart last night, they had all (3) of the Revell NHRA cars (which were the only kits they had on the shelf) but the prices were muddafudgein $24.50 a PIECE! More than my LHS wants which is $22.50 and K-marts "everyday" price is ONLY .50 cheaper than michaels (which you can get @ said place for $15 with their coupons).

  9. I posted some info at Scale Auto to V. Forgot you came over here otherwise I would have posted it here. But at any rate, here is that info:

    Just thought I would let you know that a Michael's reset is coming up towards the end of the month. This does not mean it will happen then, but is scheduled to be reset. Each volume store has a different standard. It may have been reset or is in process.

    Anyway, this is what I found to be coming into the stores soon:

    M48A2 Patton Tank

    68 Dodge Hemi 2n1

    F4C Phantom

    Mack "R" Conventional Fruehauf

    67 Chevelle SS 396

    Motorcycle asst.(die-cast)

    Dodge Viper SRT10

    06 Chevy Camaro Concept(Round 2 AMT)

    Ferrari 458 Italia (die-cast)

    Corvette ZR1

    02 Camaro 2n1

    I DO NOT have any other information.


    Thanks a zillon Chris!!! I saw that list over there too.

  10. Ok, as to the 1993 Cobra....it NEVER was offered as a convertible. NEVER. Ford didn't even prototype one. So your memory may be a LOT skewed on that. As to the original release, it may have been 1997, and the box shown IS the original release. You are correct on the latest reissue being the 'Motor City Muscle' release. As I stated, it is a Yellow box art car with Blue graphics (I incorrectly stated it to be in the 'Streetburners' series; that is the SVO I am thinking of there). I have almost a dozen of both the original release and the recent re-issue. If you want to get real crazy, combine it with the Tamiya 1994 Mustang GT 'convertible' wheels and the upper intake/valve covers from the Tamiya 1995 CobraR kit and make the RARE 1993 CobraR...availible only in RED.

    Coulda swore I saw one that had a convertable on the box or was it my imagination... Or I might've got it mixed up '92 GT convertable. Anyways, sorry about the mixup it's my mistake, hee, hee.

    Again, itsa been a while since I saw the first issue.

  11. To clear things up here, the first issue of the '93 SVT Cobra WAS 1997 (box car had the worng photo for the ultra rare convertable, but the build-up pics dispect the hardtop which is what's in the box). Then it was re-released in the Cobra combo pack (with correct photo of hardtop) also consisting of the '69 Mach 1 COBRA JET and '97 SVT Cobra convertable around 1999 or 2000 (don't remember which, prolly 1999).

    Recently (around 2007ish), the '93 Cobra was reissued in the "Motor City Muscle" line-up as a 2-in-1 with the stock parts, plus a new custom option with custom wheels 'n low-pro tires and fugly blue lowrider style graphics (though it also came with stock decals like the gagues and such).

    Hope this helps,

  12. Here's my '55 chebe trucks I built a while back with better pics... You'll probably remember these from the other site.

    First off: The Cameo

    Mopar suspension up front, stock in the rear. Lowered with X-mods wheels 'n' tires and disc brakes, ans an LS7 mated to an automatic 5 speed with a reworked side exhaust system from a F-150 Lightning. The tan interior has racing buckets and an S10 console... Body mods are minimal such as some smoothing ans shaveing of some spots.

    Also added a girtar because I was building this one for last years Cannonbal Run for that site.

    Paint is Colorplace Fire Red, polished and cleared with future:





    For the other Cameo that was turned into a custom Stepside using the bed and such from the Monogram '55 ford pick-up.

    This one was in a ###### pile from my early days. Luckly it wasn't painted and I had almost all the parts to revive it except for the BED which held this one back for many months, untill I got a Monogram F-100 that would serve the base for my wedge hauler, and it's bed would possibly be used for my Cameo Resurrection project. After taking measurements the bed fit perfictly on the Cameo and I decided to go with that. I monochromed the bumpers, smoothed out some stuff, and as usial, did my famous custom treatment. For the Engine I used what I beleve was a 454 from an AMT '70 Chevelle SS with different heads

    Paint is Valspar Sky Blue polshed and futured.




  13. Might as well make some small updates since this thread has been dead for a while.

    My store has some airplane/miltary stuff and some diecast cars along with the now absent Revell-o-gram Viper GTS @ $4.99 ea. No paints on clearence though...

    I'll check the other stores this weekend to see what they have marked down or newly added.

  14. default.jpg

    That looks really cool!! I love the paint ans everything about it (being the kits custom wheels look pretty decent over all).

    Not to hijack this thread here, but I jus wanted to show off mine that I did a while back on here.

    Built box stock like yours except I used different flame decals and itsa bad ina black!




    (Sorry for the blurry pics, these were taken a few months ago before I discovered the Marcro setting on mah camera

    Might not be as good as yours, but it's soemthing. Again, very nice mah man!!!

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