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    This the recently issued Revell-o-gram HEMI Dart kit don up ala Pro-Touring/Motorcross beast.

    Used the kits optional Hemi motor with a single carb intake manifold and air cleaner, and routed the headers to go through the stock exhaust. I lowered the front suspension a little (about "1) and for the back, combined the kits dana 40 rear axle and some Firebrid rear suspension parts to make a custom 4-link unit that will handle all the abuseing no prob. Wheels are X-Mods on low-pro rubber from Revell's motor city muscle kits, and dics brakes from some '80s Corvette kit.

    If you notice, I didn't used the side windows because the left side came cracked and the right had what's called a "Short shot". I was kinda ticked off about that (coulda make one out of clear styrene, but don't got it on me right now), but realzied it not too big ofa deal.

    I used the kits gutted interior with the rollcage and added racing seats from an Acura/Honda Integra, along with a spare sparco steering wheel from an Fujumi kit.

    I used the racing hood and painted it flat black to go with the stripe in the back (ans of course the theme). Paint is Krylon Sun Yellow polished ans cleared with future.

  2. If this helps ya out any, my November & December '10 issues of MCM I got a month ago came all in one piece. Yeah, they took a while to get, but at least they had no damage to them whatsoever.

    All those horror stories I hear about ppl getting their mags shredded up when they get 'em in the mail dosen't sound like the work of the printing company itsself, but most likely the barbaric postal workers/drivers in the aera just trying to blast through the day slopply delivering mail.

    For example: a member of our club said he suscribed to the "Other" mag and got his issue all riped-up, and torn in pieces! I just got my April issue of that mag and it came fully intact. He thought the printing press that had a bad day at the plant or they all came like that, but then I mentioned to him it probably went through the horrible wrath of the mailing crew in Southampton.

  3. Allright, here we go for a quickie review of what I remember of the tokyo drift 'Stang (built it along time ago, but it later got scavenged for parts)

    Like the stock '67 Gt kit, it's pretty nice and goes together well (except for the headlights and final assembly). This kit is a 2-in-1 so the stock parts (even the 289) are included also. I'm going over the F&F parts because most know what the rest of the stock kit is like.

    The motor was OK (some parts such as the intakes and header needs 'atona work), but the transmission is TOTALY WRONG as it's a 4 speed from the 289 RC2 just slaped on, wereas the 1:1 car had a custom built 5 or 6 speed (don't remember which) for RB26 or whatever it's called. The suspension has lowered spindels for the front ans a droped axle for the rear, but is inacurate for the movie car. The exhaust system uses the stock mustangs dual exhaust, which is HORRIBLY wrong (exhaust pipe going to the intake manifold!?) If you want to replicate the custom built single exhaust "Beer can" unit, yer on your own... and for the wheels: the biggest dissapointment of horse shlock ever made!! (they look more like a donk on the car) I reccomend using some kind of aftermarket wheels that are close to the real car if you want accuratecy. On the box car, the interior has the wrong racing seats and the hood is the GT's twin scoop unit (1:1 car had the flat hood), but thankfully the stock pieces are provided in the kit.

    Pros: it has nice racing seats and brakes that you could use on a tuner or pro-touring. The RB26 motor will pop out if done right with alot of work, and it's a good source for a skyline motor if you don't feel like paying for the nicer one found in the tamiya kits and etc. It has the the stock parts and the 289.

    Cons: if you want an accurate representation of the car, your on yer own with scratchbuilding, partsbox scavenging, and aftermarket parts. If you want to use the tamyia motor to be really accurate, it may NOT fit because that motor is 1/24th weras the Mustang is 1/25th, unless you can manage the work that needs to be done to get it to fit.

  4. The JZ mill is a straight six IIRC - and a serious torquer when tweaked!

    Yup, that's right. Itsa straight 6 that makes decent power ans torque but is very, VERY expensive to mantain and obtain parts (stock or aftermarket) for.

    BTW, the TD Mustang was partialy my infliunce in this build. Actualy, I built that kit along time ago (it didn't come out great ans later got scavenged for parts, so I don't gots on me anymore) .

  5. TNX for all yer comments guys!! they're really appreaciated!

    I'll give ya two thumbs up for even getting Colorplace red to lay on the car. I hate the way it sprays on anything. It leaves blotchy places and everything else for me. But IMHO, you really cannot tell you used this shoddy paint at all. I think the red looks great on it.

    I use this paint all the time ans never had that issue... Though sometimes if you apply it too soon over the gloss white, it will cause blotches and parts of the white will show through.

    Are you using the wal-mart paints under it, or yer most likely using somehting else?

    I (well nowadays) use sears "Quick 'n easy" gray primer, folowed by colorplace flat and then gloss white, and then I apply the Fire red which go's on very smoothly I must say.

    hope this helps,

  6. I did this one in 2009, ans I'm surprised it held up long... if 'ya notice the paints not too great as my newer stuff, as I just started to get the grip of using future and was also about to make the switch to sears primer. Dispite all those falts, I think it came out great for what I did then.

    Lowered the suspension and used the brakes, wheels & tires from an Revell Mistu Eclipse kit. I had a spare supra motor from a F&F supra that had a bad kracked roof mishap, so I decided to use that as it was an easy drop-in... except coverin' up the hole that the V8's air cleaner went and extending one of the motor mounts. Also used the Firebird's exhaust system with metal tips, the only mod to do was remove the right exhaust pipe and slightly rework the left to mate up to the 2JZ's header.

    Interior has the seats and tach from the said supra kit, and the NOS bottle is from a Import Tuner diecat car (:P Doh!! what am I saying!).

    The paint... Oh boy! It's wal-mart fire red over their primer which crazed and about 25 coats of future on top to cover it up. (egadds, what a nightmare that was).





    Plz don't ha8 me ( :) )

  7. V-Spec, I believe you mean the 'Royal Knight' version of the El Camino. Good looking car with some sweet (for the time) graphics.

    Coulda swore it was called Black Knight, but I might be wrong............................

    Oh, Now I remembee, It was called "Royal Knight". Thanks for pointing that out for me Whale.

  8. Actually in at least two cases, Round2 has combined two seperate versions of the same kit, (as tooled up under AMT/Ertl, like this Camaro was), into one release.

    In 2008 they did that with the 1960 Ford Starliner kit, as seen here:


    All the parts from the stock & custom releases were in that version, with the addition of a new set of pad printed white walls.

    In 2010 they did the same with the 1963 Pontiac Catalina kit, shown here:


    That was just last year for the Pontiac, & it also included, in addition to the original stock & custom parts, the folllowing new parts:

    1-The vent windows that had been missing from all previous versions, (each previous version being prior to Round2).

    2-Pad printed white walls & M&H drag slicks.

    3-A complete & accurate decal sheet to replicate Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick's "Passionate Poncho II" 62 Catalina.

    In the case of the Camaro, it's possible that the amount & size of the different parts between the Z-28 & Baldwin-Motion versions made it too costly to combine the two kits, based on potential sales. The Z-28 has a SBC, the B/M car a big block, & they each have different hoods & other parts. Packaging could be an issue as well. I know those older kits were often 2-3-4/1 kits, but they had less parts for detailing the kits, (examples are engines consisting of 10 or so parts, & the 4 piece interiors), that took up less space, thus allowing more different parts to be included in those older kits. I have the Z-28 kit & as I recall, it's pretty tightly packed in there.

    The two kits I mentioned didn't have that many different parts between versions in prior releases. The Fords had different rim & tire options, different induction options, different exhaust manifolds. different valve covers, & in the case of the custom variant, a set of laker style pipes & a set of traction bars, & that was it.

    The Poncho had different front & rear seats & door panels, (button tufted for the custom version), different wheels & tires, different grille oprions, (custom had a tube grille), & a set of optional lake pipes for the custom & again that was it.

    In both cases, all of those optional parts were a small amount of what was in the kit, & other than the custom interior options for the Pontiac, took up very little additonal box space. With the Pontiac interior options, the differing door panels, being molded flat, didn't take up that much space either, leaving only the seats. That made it easier for it to be profitable to offer both variants of each kit as "2/1" kits.

    Scans of the different Ford & Pontiac instructions sheets can be seen at these links to better illustrate my point:

    Stock Ford, (please note, though this is the WalMart reissue, it's identical to the first version of the kit): http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/amt/amt_1960_ford_starliner/

    Custom Ford: http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/amt-4/amt-60-ford-starlin/

    Round2 "2/1" reissue Ford: http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/amt-12/amt-1960-ford-starl/

    Stock Pontiac: http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/amt-9/amt-62-catalina-421/

    Custom Pontiac: http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/amt-9/amt-62-pontiac-cata/

    I can't find the "2/1" Pontiac instructions or I would have posted them too.

    Other than the Round2 version of the "2/1" Ford, I have in my stash or have built each of these different versions, so I am very familiar with what's in each of them.

    Perhaps knowing more of the facts & the background of the different kits & how Round2 approaches each release before going off on a rant will make your arguments more logical & valid. B)

    As to the molded in color deal, well I'm not fond of that myself.


    Thanks Mark!

    I was aware of the "New" 2-in-1 issues of the Starliner and Catalina (probably wrong spellin'). What I was trying to say was that it might be difficult for R2 to combine the parts BM onto teh current Z-28 because of both kits high parts count (BM and Z28 have diffrernt engines, hoods, wheels/tires, other bits and etc.), and packaging them together would mean a bigger box and a bigger price tag for them to produce and for the consumers.... along with the fact that if they'll sell in enough numbers to justify the cost.

    ...Which is why they keep doing many variants of the horrid General Lee kits because there's a HUGE market for them out there not just for modelers, but fans of the TV show/films and nostalga COLLECTORS who will buy ANYTHING! - even an unopened moldy box of Star Wars cereal with a Luke Skywalker figure for god-only-knows how much it costs!!

    End of rant.

  9. That Looks AWESOME!!! Love everything about it even the DOHC LT5 motor which looks real Bad@##! You do really nice work Marc, I mean REALLY nice!! Saw all your other builds too and even they came out reeeeeeeeely good!

    I like the color ya used. Is pactra enamal (same fourmla as testors) or is it lacquer? Does it dry flat or under a stays glossy under a gloss coat? I have a good primer that I use so crazing may not be a problem, but if it's flat and i went to apply it over a gloss base (say the wal-mart paints) it would mess the whole thing up, ans I don't want that happening...

    Again, very nice job on yours and seeing it makes me want to pick up a Revell '69 camaro from michaels with mah coupons, use the hidden headlight grille on it, do the my pro-touring magick on 'er, and possibly shove an LT5 in it (if I gots one).

    Hope to see it finished soon! seeing your work and builds make me come back 4 more!!

  10. This one's stock only, as per the previous releases... Of course there was the Baldwin Motion version, but don't expect Round 2 to combine it with future releases of this stock Z28 kit anytime soon :rolleyes: . Unless they make jillions of dollars from impulse buyers purchasing their horrid General Cereal Lee kits! ( :D )

    and yes crazyjim, it molded in orange. Though some have them marked "molded in white", NEVER believe what they say on the box unless u wanna get skrewed by them saying its molded in that color, but itsa not!! And It's REALLY ANOYING!!!!!

  11. Thanks guys!

    My real insperation for this one was the '70s "Black Knight" issue my Dad had (don't know if you guys remember this one). It's sorta like that with some hurst styleing cues.

  12. I saw this one at Michaels Arts and Crafts last I waz there... Good thing I read this before buying it. Though this one dosen't sound too bad even with the wear on its bottum aera. :lol:

    Oh well, at least I would be paying $7 with mah coupons rather than hackin' up $17+ that some "been through the eco slump" retailers charge for it... (though $13 at my LHS would've been OK if I didn't think far into the future on how BAD it would be :lol:)

  13. This ones built from the 2008 AMT issue.

    I swapped the hokey promo-style frame for the better detailed piece from the '70 Impala kit, and it fit without any major cutting or modding. The motor is a LS7 mated to an automatic tranmission with custom side exhaust.

    Suspension is an F-body unit up front and an IRS setup from what I believe a Lexus IS-something-something/Toyota Supra (??).

    Interior is stock 'cept the steering wheel and the body is stock also.

    Paint is Wal-mart/Colorplace Gloss White poilshed and futured







    Built the trailer and used the gaudy chrome hitch on the Impy so I could haul it... You could see my '32 Ford Vicky Vert I built recently on it in the pic

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