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  1. If you use DOT-3 it won't harm the plastic, but DOT-5 might melt it from what I heard. Also, what paint did you use? If you used the hobby paints (Tamiya, Testors Enamals/Lacquers, Plastikote and Valspar odds 'n ends), it should get it off in about 2-5 hours depending on the how much you put applied on. If it's automotive/hardware paints (dupicolor, wal-mart and other hardware paints), expect it to come off in about 5 days to 3 weeks, again depending on the coats of paints you applied and the time you did them. If their clear coated, it may take a little longer.

  2. I got the revelle 49 merc for $8.99, several 94 impalas for $5.00, a SR-71 for $10.00 and alot of testors paints for like $3 a can and 1.50 a bottle. not to mentoio the carpet material and threat for cutting and pipping for like $4 bucks for a large package

    I didn't know they still had those '94 Impalas after all those years... Unless it was REALLY old stock or they still carried them up until now.

    Haven't seen the Merc nor the paints on clearence at any of the stores i've been to - all are still at regluar price. It must be an area thing or your store might downgrade their slection to zipo. Because if some stores only have certan kits/item on clearence and not all of them like the other ones have, expect a slimer slection (thats what happened to 2 of the stores I go to ocasionaly).

    Actually, I did see a clearence listing 1/12 chopper at my local store, but it was allready gone; The other store I went to had it at regluar price.

    I recall seeing the SR-71 plane there too, but it was opened and the box looks like it has been through a serious bombing :D:lol::lol::P

  3. I know this topic is allready on the other fourm, but I decided to start it here if thats allright with U guys.

    When I was last at my small local store on New Years, they had:

    Revell-o-gram's "Long in the tooth" '95 Viper GTS @ $10

    Maisto Chrylser ME412 diecat and a few others for around $8-12, along some Revell Airplane/Miltary kits for around the same price.

    Around the same time, I went to a different store and they had:

    '69 Chevy Camaro and Nova Yenkos for $11.99 & $14.99; Might've seen the Motor City Muscle '69 Camaro 2-in-1 at the same priceing too.

    '57 Chevy Bel-Air 150 sedan "Black Widow" @ $14.99

    1/32nd KW T-600 snapper @ $8.99

    '68 Charger 2-in-1 @ $14.99

    '68 Bullet Mustang @ $17.99

    Revell-o-gram '55 Bel-Air Street Machine - the on with black car w/ red flames we all know - @ $11.99? (not sure of the price as the sticker was ripped off the shelf)

    And I believe both or one of the Heavy Chevy & Baldwin Motion '70 Chevelles were marked down to $12.99 or something (again, sticker was ripped off too).

    They had more plane/miltary stuff, but I didn't pay attention to those.

    That store I went to had one Revell Chi-Town Charger FC in... was going to get it, but it had what appeared to be Wendys frostie slop all over it (with the cup spilt) left by some scumbag kelrk or soocker mum.

    I was REALLY, REALLY, peed off over that, but then my store then got that one in too... So I can get it at anytime without slop and dink all over it! HAHAHA,HAHAHA!!! (imatating Mandarks laugh from Dexters Lab - LOL!!!)

    Sadly, you can't use coupons on clearence items any more due to their policy change... Shucks 'ya cant use the 25% off sale item ones anymore too because they also exclude CLEARENCE items!

    No Paints on clearence yet at both stores, might see them later on when they put more stuff on. If I see anythings else or you guys do, holler!

  4. I vaguely recall this one, but from what I remember it was a heaping lump of horse shlock!!!! I got it at Michales many years ago for about $1.10 (sealed) with their 50% off coupon, and so far it's the worst clearence kit purchace i've gotten! (heck, even getting an opened AMT F&F Supra missing wheels and decals for .97 on final markdown was better than this)

    Nothing fit, the roof waz crappy looking - looks like someone at the MPC/Ertl drawing board got high on the "good stuff" while designing the roof & grile for this kit... The chassis was a throwaway and everything else was a mess including the decals that ALLWAYS desolve intoa jillion little peices!


    Instead, do your self a favor and get the fully accurate, newer tool Revell kit which is plenty avalible and can very very cheap if U look in the right places.

  5. Does anybody have pics of this kits contents? Jus wanna see what the difference between the 1987 issue my dad had (before it got bashed upa in storage) and this one...

    I heard this one has the ALL the customizing parts unlike the 2002 release, and possibly some parts from the elevra err, forgot the name of that show/crappy TV movie, issue.

  6. I gots the 2007 issue and it's not so bad... I heard the new issues casting is even worse from what I was told. So i'm glad for mine as I only paid $15 rather than 23+ for a degraded flashbag.

    As I type, I'm currently working on it and shes gonna have a nasty LS7 mated to an auto tranny with side exhaust, then I swaped out the poopy promo-style frame for one from a AMT '70 Impy, so I could add a F-body front suspension and an IRS from a old, clunker lexus kit (the wheels are comeing from that too, and expect her to be LOW LOW, LOW mon!).

    Stock for the outside and minor changes for the interior... So it will be your uncle's classy luxo boat inside ans out (cept for wheels), starts up and screams like a LS monster rod, and handles like your wifies HI-PO Lexus lsd-whatevertheheckitscalled :P:P:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  7. TNX guys!

    Just one question. I know they made a Panel Van version of this too (crica 1996-ish I believe) and my kit came with the '38 front nose and hood pieces (of course this ones the SE Version that has the extra parts)... Will the '38 front nose/hood parts fit onto the '37 Panel Van body? or are they totaly different?

  8. DOT-3 brake fluid will take it off in a flash! The Testors Lacquers are almost like the enamals in terms of softness (not in quality, as the lacquers are much better if you have a LIGHT TOTCH and a good base coat), so if it takes off the enamals, it should take of the lacquers.

    As you probably know, Brake fluid is VERY DANGERIOUS to to work with; so take extreme caution and were eye and hand protection, and use it outside.

    One more thing for the lacquers, If you apply it over a bare unprimed body, you might get problems (Like BUBBLES, CRAZING, and who knows what)). So I reccomend primeing your body with your best brand of primer that ya use, followed by your base color coat so the final color has something to bite onto and so it dosen't bleed through, and then attack it with the Lacquers color of your choice!

    Hope this helps...

  9. Forgot to mention this kit was AMT, but I figured everyone remembered the rides name amt kits used to carry.

    Yeah, I know they screwed up even more by calling it "Woodie" rather than "Panel van"... though the whole thing had itty and bland lowridur wheels and they molded in the wheel wells on ALL the fenders, making it look like a land spped car rather than a lowrider (on mine anyways,)

  10. This is the "Rides" kit which was a major disaster (though not as bad as the lindberger coupe).

    I kept the headlights, but opened up the wheel wells because they were all molded in; and I made them wider so they would accumulate larger rollers i'd be putting on anyway. Added the "slammin' hammer" decals from the revell-o-gram '41 Chevy pick-up, some stripe decals on the fenders from a GTO street machine kit, and the "Ford deluxe" lettering form the Lindberger kit.

    I shoehorned a HEMI in the bay' (was kinda a tight squeze) and used dual exhaust, I added an El camino suspension up front and a Mustang in the rear... Wheels are X-mods on the custom tires form the '86 Monte Carlo

    Interior had the kits custom 'Stang seats and dashbord.

    I did a 2-tone paint being the boby & fenders are seprate pieces; the top is Testors Star-spangled blue and the bottom is dutch boy sliver polished into a stardust aluminum metalic... Both are toped with future and lightly buffed.






  11. Next is the '32 ford Phantom Vicky. 2nd OOB build from an amt kit.

    Of course the windsheld wasa PAIN as it was warped and torqued to da bone!!

    Also left out the top because that was warped too and had a crack in it... same went for the hood but that had a huge piece that wasn't filled in!!

    Paint is colorplace (Wal-mart) green, polished and toped with future.



    The nicest part of thw kit is the DOHC 'Stanger motor; lightly customzied with an air intake and a wonky exhaust system:


    [Forgot to mention the paint on the '37 pick up is Testors Purplelishous Lacquer with future on top, hee, hee]

  12. Hey guys, sorry if I haven't been around with builds as much lately... Was busy workin' on these little ol gremlems.

    The '37 Ford Pick Up is the Revell kit, customized to my likeing.





    As the pic says, it has a C6 suspension up front and what believes to be a Monte carlo rear in the back. Of course it has disc brakes all around on cool low-pro tires/wheels. It sports the kits optional dual exhaust system that the Carbed chevy LT1 (which you'll see in the pics) fumes exit through.

    Finaly the motor!


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