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  1. so , thats a monster of a engine

    its was a very nice day to put the primer on the cab

    question about the engine , i think i can use the engine of the donorkit , have see a brochure where different engine,s type was printed [ V6-V8 ] so i think that is good

    here a picture of the cab with a trailerfront old style to use for a old trailer [ not for the gmc ]



    also a leader to build on the back


  2. hello , can somebody tel ore show some pictures of the marmon coe [ daycab ] with a topsleeper and straight truck combo

    have seen one at hanks truckpictures but there are only 2 a 3 picture,s of those trucks [ 2 x bleu and 1 white ] from a distance

    want to make a daycab with topsleeper like that truck-trailer combo

    thank you


  3. thank,s 

    Sergey , i have seen more of great builds on that gallery , this one is also great , did you make those fueltank,s ore buy them from somebody , the are good for a next build

    Tom , it wil stay tthe same , but try to do some work out and just go on , slow but ... and stil smile for some nice ore stuped thing,s , thats live i think

    and for the hobby , i have reorganized the kit,s and boxes etc , now just only the AMT , ERTL and Italeri , us and europe , have do not counting because ........its to much , and the resin and transkits on 1 big stash

    normal i do that in 1 day , now i am already do this 1 week and stil not ready [ because there come some new things , LOL


  4. i can only say , he is great to deal with

    orderd and in no time it was delivered and i say from the usa to holland in 4-5 day,s [ i known that the post must also want to work ] but its alway,s nice and good protected when its here

    and if you ask something about how ore what it must be he answer [ sometime,s with a pictue ]

    if its in stock you wil see it 

    for me it is a good shop for some very nice conversions to build also the other parts


  5. so now and than i work on this mack

    i have first pe steps but i don,t like it when the are on the fueltank,s

    so take them af and repaint the tank,s and make step,s from plastic

    i work now slowly because i have a lot of trubble,s with my back [ how cal you guy,s worn out or so ] and there is nothing to do on it said the specialist from the hospital








    and so i work slowly and also other projects and like it to finishd these old truck,s



  6. here in holland we have someone how have do that work on a daf [ 1960 old truck ]

    he said its a lot of work to get this smooth because its nylon and very hard , not fine to sandit like the normal kits material , he have put a couple of primers on and sand it and than again primer before its smooth and and good to put the paint on

    the material its self is hard and its difficult to get it nice because its poraus and small wels [ if i say it right ]

    i have some 3d printed wheels and the are nice for tyre,s because the its like a surface thats normal for a tyre

    for cab,s and more i dont like it [ but thats my opinion ] to much work for a nice build before you have a result 

    you can not work with it like you do for a normal kit ore resin 


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