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  1. can someone tel me when the tax and fuel stickers came on the truck,s [ year of beginning and ended ]

    because i want make the old truck,s with this old item correct

    and also a bunch of licenceplates

    on some old picture,s you see it clearly and some is stil in the year of 1980

    and i like these old thing,s on old build,s for detail,s

    thank,s already


  2. so put on the correct mirrors and more , picture,s



    this is for fun


    and with ladder and platform [ don,t know of i keep it on ]


    now do some little thing,s like the airhose [ must lookin good , now its spaghettie ] perhaps mudflaps , mirror on the fender?

    licence plate,s [ a lot of them ]

    and now start with the reefer


  3. its a couple of day,s good and sunny so i  paint a lot of others project,s

    do a little work on the a mack , little thing,s like mirror,s , hoses , turning signals , etc etc

    when i put the mirrors on and take a picture of it , wow , thats wrong

    took the wrong mirrors , its to modern for that time , i have old mack mirrors for him , how can i do it so ...... , picture of the wrong mirror,s , now i have them very carefully taked of without damage ppff

    with the wrong one,s


    so today put the good one,s on and go on with the rest of it


  4. great to see this , 

    make a new start of a old build , renovation of a old build 

    looks how you do this

    some long time ago on this forum has somebody also make these wrecker [ renovation ] he has makin that one so nice

    for my old wrecker i use that as guideline for the color he used [ when i give it a make over ]

    see how it go,s


  5. i love this build , great work

    talkin about music , my older brother has in these day,s a 8track [ was here very hard to find the tape,s  , was here not a great succes ]

    he had some country style for on the road

    i have stil the old record,s from merle haggard [ theme movin on ] red sovine , red simson , dick curless and many others

    and 1 time in the year a play the records on a old player with the noise of the records of these day,s , goosebums work , going back in time

    when i read the reply of the thing,s you put in the cab i can almost smell and feel the history of it

    great work just like it


  6. i dont know where you look , but i have very good picture,s found on google

    type australian kenworth truck,s and you find i lot of kenworth,s , k type,s and w 

    and also a very good picture,s of the back of a k that you see the aircleaner,s pipes how it,s connected

    also a different aircleaner,s on the top of the roof [ i know that the are also make in resin for 1:25 ] 

    hope you find what your lookin for


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