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  1. Now playing with some base options. I can be at the beach any time!
  2. I met a lot of people from New Jersey.. It was a 12 hour drive about 700 miles. Beautiful scenery all the way. Like I said, cars on one side, ocean on the other. No better way I can think of for a car guy to spend his vacation.
  3. Touched up the wood and got the big 20 x 16 poster mounted. Need to bring in more sand for the base.
  4. The mufflers seem to be the most talked about item on the car, a real eye catcher, nice touch.
  5. Nice model. I really like the way you did the engine wires. Also the paint is spectacular and the seats are awesome. Very nice!
  6. The only one I have based on a real car I found in an old yellow page directory. I delivered newspapers to this place of business when I was a kid, so I had to build it. All the rest of my cars in the previous post are pure fiction.
  7. Finally got all the panels cut out. The Dremel tool helped. Now for some fileing and a little touch up painting. The wood grain was done with craft paint and then cleared over. A 16 x 20 photo of the ocean has been ordered by my wife (her idea) for a background. Switching back and forth between models seems to help me keep interest.
  8. Just a beach photo in the background my wife did for me. Nice getting her involved. This is still mock up. Thought I would try some different tires.
  9. Back home today and attended another car show, the season has begun. I am checking out the '32 again. Ready to switch back to working on this one now that I have more options on paint. These two models will always have the beach attached to them for me even though I didn't make it to the finish line there. I like to have a memory to go with my builds.
  10. Like like like!!! Like the colors, the wheels, guitar and seat arrangement. Looks Like a party bus. All you need are swivel seats in front and a party in the middle.
  11. Here's mine again. Most of them have been posted before individually.
  12. I love your '32 and the cover looks good enough for framing. Would love to hear some car songs to go with the model. Maybe you could post a sample here.
  13. Nice job! I am always a fan of green.
  14. There is plenty of room for the thin strips of wood I think. The wood is oak and I would like to switch to walnut , I think it has a smaller grain. Another picture of the slow progress of removing the panels. I think the panels on the AMT '29 Woody may come cut out like this with panels that fit behind the body.
  15. Thanks for any input on this topic. I kind of blotched the wood grain decals that came with the kit. I have seen good results with real wood, just don't know if i can pull it off. Might have made a big mistake on this one but, we will see where it goes. In the mean time just for your entertainment, a picture of what we found in our garage just now. We were the only people staying in this 9 apartment unit until today. Big show down the road just a few blocks over 3,400 expected. I don't know if much work will get done on these two models now
  16. This is going to take forever. Maybe I should work on the '32 instead. Better idea, think I will take a bike ride to the boardwalk and check out some full size hot rods on the way.
  17. Okay here we go! Removed the wood, now I wish I had my Dremel.
  18. My traveling work shop. ( I will say it is hard to consentrate here with hot rods driving by every few minutes.)https://www.specialeventpro.com/cruisin-ocean-city
  19. Not too sure about the use of real wood here. I cut all the pieces out of wood tape. It would probably look better if I cut all the pieces out of the styrene panels and inserted the wood from behind. More work.
  20. Another coat of Huggar Orange on the '32. Sanded off the detail on the roof and I think the paint finally covered any tell tale signs.
  21. https://www.specialeventpro.com/cruisin-ocean-city
  22. At the beach again, this time Ocean City, Maryland. Getting ready for Cruisin' Ocean City, about 3500 cars expected this year. Not perfect weather so far. I have hot rods cruising on one side and the ocean on the other. Perfect time to build a model or two right? So far this is what I've got.
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