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  1. cavejohnson added a post in a topic 1970 Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker   

    All the old truckers I know that have been at it for a thousand years have always loved the 1693TAs, I know a guy from Albin, WY with a 71 Pacemaker and a 75 (or so) Chevy Titan and they both have 1693s stuffed in them. It's darn funny sight to see that old Titan out pull a chrome plated Kenworth with a Signature 600. I love the idea behind yours though, when I get my 352 I'm either going to put a 12V71 or a 1693 in it.
  2. cavejohnson added a post in a topic 1958 Wide Track cabover   

    I know this is an old topic, but I did learn a bit more about this truck from my grandpa. He knows a guy in Lander, Wyoming that has a Wide-Track. The owner used to drive to my great-grandpa's farm and move potatoes with it. The WT had a 290 cummins with a 5x3, and eventually got a 335 cummins. My grandpa said that there was a predecessor of sorts to the WT called the "Knox", he knows the cab was built by Chicago Cab and was fairly certain that it used a Kenworth frame and various Kenworth components. He said the knox looked like a bubble nose Peterbilt with "extra weird rounded edges everywhere". He's only ever seen 2 Knox cabovers, but has seen 10 or so Wide-Tracks. If anyone is interested in seeing either of those trucks, I know for certain that both a Knox and a Wide Track are sitting near a wrecking yard in Lander, Wyoming. Next time I'm up that direction I'll see if I can't get some pictures of both.
  3. cavejohnson added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Reference pictures for suspension and trailers!
    For all the scratch builders and custom builders out there...

    I found my truck/trailer suspension, braking, steering, and axle repair book today, and it has some great pictures of tractor and trailer suspensions including dimensions, as well as Freuhauf and Trailmobile trailer schematics of sorts with dimensions. I tried scanning them earlier today but my scanner had a fit and screwed the images up, but tomorrow I'll rescan them.

    It has a whole mess of Reyco and Hendrickson suspensions with Ford/GM specific configurations as well as Neway, Peterbilt, and other various air ride suspensions. It also has some Reyco trailer suspension setups in it.

    If anyone has any requests for suspensions/trailers/steering axles/lift axles/drive axle hubs, let me know and I'll make sure to scan them!
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  4. cavejohnson added a post in a topic 1/16 peterbilt cabover (PAINTED WITH STRIPES)   

    That's going to be awesome when it's all finished. I love the way you did the Cat engine, all the plumbing looks great as does the weathering!
    I like this sudden surge of 1/16th scale builds
  5. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Chevrolet Titan 90 build   

    Thanks everyone

    USMC4810, I can offer some advice right off the bat, the round fuel tanks are a total pain to get on there, I'd go for the square saddle tanks if I was doing it over. Also, the cab is mighty hard to attach to the mounts at the end, It took me a long time to get them on there and get it lined up decently. The rest of the truck went together really well though, I've always had good luck with AMT kits fitting nicely. Save the White Freightliner cabover cab, because of it's odd two piece design
  6. cavejohnson added a post in a topic 1/16th KW K-100 Sorry no more pics......   

    K100s are some of the best looking cabovers on the road (in my opinion). This is one awesome custom job. I wish I could build like this!
  7. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 1/16th with Lights!   

    Almost forgot the tail lights

  8. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 1/16th with Lights!   

    I appologize for the huge delay in getting this updated. School started back up and I spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital (thanks to my wonderfully awful knees). But I finally got the truck done and took a lot of pictures of the finished product. I left the top of the sleeper loose so I could get at the battery holder and the wiring should something go wrong *knocks on wood

    @ Mr. Mopar, I got the lights from Hobby Town in their railroad section. They're 1.5V Grain of rice lamps and they're sold in 10 packs. They're extremely fragile little things.

    First off, the dome light I installed. This is a 3V lamp I bought from radio shack, I used it with 1.5V so it would be a little bit dim like a real dome light.

    The silver paint on my stripes bubbled weird, but It's not visible normally. Here's the switch location, I just cut a square hole in the sleeper base and left about 1/4" of the switch sticking out so it's usuable but not really visible.

    Here's where I installed the headlights, I drilled a 1/16" hole on the inside bottom corner of the headlight pod, then slipped the lamp in and held it in with clear loctite. To give the effect of only one light being on I inserted a piece of thin paperboard in between the two headlight lenses and painted the paperboard silver. To hide the wiring as much as possible, I twisted the wires together and routed them tightly into a small gap between the fender and the radiator grill, then I routed them to the inside of the frame rails and to the main wire that I ran out of the gap between the sleeper and the cab (I notched it at about 1/16")

    I know that typically Peterbilts headlights have the high beams on the inside and they're not normally on, but it was proving too dificult to do that. So I left them on the insides.

  9. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 1/16th with Lights!   

    The almost done interior.. I'm putting a dome light in the cab so it'll light up and people can actually see the interior

  10. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Chevrolet Titan 90 build   

    I think they're a bit thick, but I also did paint the background black to make the letters stand out, could be an optical illusion or something of the sort.
  11. cavejohnson added a post in a topic What year Jimmy is this?   

    That looks about like a 1950/1951 GMC.
  12. cavejohnson added a post in a topic 1958 Wide Track cabover   

    That's an odd-job truck if I ever saw one. Looks sort of like a White got tangled up with a Marmon, Atkinson, and an Oshkosh.
  13. cavejohnson added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Peterbilt 359 1/16th with Lights!
    Well, I found the 1/16 Pete kit in my local hobby store and glomed onto it as soon as I could. I'm doing working lights on this one too, except rather than using the cantankerous 12V lamps, I found some nice, small 1.5V lamps that all run off of 1 C cell battery. I'm making videos as I go along for how to do the marker lights, the headlights, the brake lights, and the wiring system I use (since so many people are interested). After I've finished them I'll post them in the truck stop section of the Forums!
    Lot of pictures on this one so far.

    After paint

    Engine (haven't finished with the valve covers yet

    Cab lights!

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  14. cavejohnson added a post in a topic Chevrolet Titan 90 build   

    All finished! I got a bit delayed on it due to some family issues, but here she is in her final form next to an older build, my Ford LTL9000 (long story behind the sleeper, tanks, and bullbar as to why they're there lol)

  15. cavejohnson added a post in a topic International 4300 Transtar...with lights!   

    I'll get some pictures of it in the daylight when I get the chance. I'm looking for another rig to build, and that one is going to have lights as well. I'll be sure to put a tutorial up in that forum post!