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  1. 3 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

    Messed up my right knee doing yardwork on the weekend. Can hardly walk. Feels like it's under pressure, yet there is no swelling. Also feels like something is moving. And there is definitely something making noise in there. It's like a box of Rice Krispies. So it's off to the doc this afternoon, see if we can figure this out. 

    Sure hope it’s not serious. Maybe he can give you a shot off steroids like my arm and shoulder..

  2. 18 hours ago, Michael Bentt said:

    When I last visited USA I stopped by a Hobby Lobby (I am assuming this is what "HL" being mentioned refers to) and they had the German boxed Land Rover 109. I don't believe they had anything else from Germany, and the box was such a different shape they put it on the lower shelf with the heavy trucks. 

    i saw one also and it was on the bottom shelf. I looked at it also but they have had more..

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