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  1. Quick build. Hope you like it
  2. thanks guys! they came with the kit.
  3. newest build hope you like it!
  4. finally done. sorry for photo quality, hope you like it
  5. latest build! hope you like it
  6. my newest build hope you like it
  7. finished it up today hope you like it
  8. thanks! ill start off with the engine, what i have so far
  9. this is a new kit that a friend of mine gave to me, although i dont have very many reference pics ill see what i can do.
  10. just finished it up hope you like it
  11. a kit i had in the back of the closet, just brought it out hope you like it
  12. new build decals seemed to crack alittle but thats about it hope you like it
  13. just finished it up hope you like it
  14. not at the time its clear now mostly done still have more to go
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