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  1. By me. When somebody need no problem! I maked byself.
  2. @ Belugawrx The girl behind the silver 356 is my girlfriend. She is a constructor and helps me to create new parts CAD 3D. Her hobby is the gym same me. Here a foto:
  3. Thank you guys for your comments. My next Porsche is a 356 racer. Thats my favorite! Greetings Karsten
  4. This are RAE kits. Old english!
  5. When you need a kit, contact me by my emailadress. Finemodelcars@gmail.com
  6. Thank you guys! I will post next time some classic cars. Greetings Karsten
  7. Thank you very mutch! The whitewall are decals, before are tried to paint- exactly not possible!
  8. My first Jaguar Roadster got an update. The last owner got a new Black one and the car come back to me. I installed Real Metal rims and clean and polish them.
  9. My last Aston Martin is a serie1 DB4. The colour is metal-gun, interior is real leather, the bodywork patty-metal.
  10. The cheapest price in Germany is 549 Euros. The quality is good, the price okay. The Lambo ist finish. Here some pics:
  11. I painted the engine parts and chassis parts. . Only the body doesnt need to be painted.
  12. The finish of the paint is nice. Its Not necessary to make it new. Only if you want to change.
  13. Yes the Price is okay. The parts are very good and perfectly fitting.
  14. My Lambo project in process. The New Pocher Kit is very well, Easy to build and make a Lot of Fun !
  15. Hello guys, here's my first DB4 Serie 2. The front and bumber are scratchbuilding.
  16. My classic Race Aston Martin is now on the road! It´s scale 1/8 metal Body.
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