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  1. But here it is, made the templates on the cnc laser i run for work
  2. I hope to. Lol when i have time to a work on it and b remember to take pics anf c have time to post them But work full time a 3 year old daughter and trying to get our house ready to sell in the spring spare time is non existant lol
  3. Looooooooooooooove this. I own a 1:1 1985 trans am.. I would literally kill for one of those pro street kits..
  4. Crazy its that thin.. Id have figured it would be at least 18 guage
  5. I do have one last question, roughly what guage metal is used for the interior tin work?
  6. I think i have what i need. Thanks so much. Theres absolutley nothing likenthis around where i love so if i take a little "creative license" noone will ever know thw difference anyways ???
  7. I would have done them in one piece but was unsure of the overall length theyd need to be and what wheel base was gonna be... Next time.
  8. Thanks so much. This is going to be a huge help. Never been around these cars so its not likely going to be nuts and bolts correct, or even to a specific sanctioning body.. May even end up a pro street style rig. i run a cnc laser table for work so ive been making my own jigs and templates. Also will be cutting most of the interior sheet metal and firewall out of .015 thick stainless. Made 3 piece brake rotors and am about halfway through turning a set of front spindles and coil overs on the lathe.
  9. Is that typical? The skin being on the bottom of the tubing ?
  10. Tube chassis factory body. I know shadow 1 was a back half car, it was just an example i used to say im looking ay factory type bodie and wheelbase.
  11. The notchback mustang revell released recently. And basically, everything, pro mods dont exist where inlive so cant scope em out in person, looking for prints, plans, measurements.. And the type of car bbc nitrous outlaw type car. Think shadow 1.0
  12. Any pictures/plans/drawings appreciated. Esp firewall and tinwork and the floor pans also the rear frame in ections. Revell notchback specific a plus
  13. Not radials. Looking for more modern day sizes. 10.5/10.5w. M/t et streets etc
  14. Anyone supplying these? Like 10.5/10.5w or 315 radials i know fireball makes a decent radial but id likentonjust order from a website not screw around with emails and paypal.
  15. Other than fireball, does anyone make them?
  16. Hoping to get the backsplash pice for the headache rack cut today and figure out the mounts for it and then thatll be be ready for paint
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