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  1. dirty_j added a post in a topic Time Machine Resin 1970 Charger R/T transkit   

    too bad i bought mine before he started adding the interior. are the door panels accurate? i used the revell '69 charger for the donor kit. i smoothed out the door panels and added the correct chrome trim; only problem is the seats arent correct. the only thing i had to do to the body was put a little bit of a curve in the hood to make it match up with the tops of the fenders. its still a wip but its turning out to be one of my favorite build ups. i also built a 71 challenger r/t from time machine; it came with all of the interior and was extremely well done. they definately do quality work.
  2. dirty_j added a post in a topic airbrush recommendation   

    good luck finding an iwata for under $30. even the knock-offs go for more than that. you could probably find a paasche in your price range; they're not the best but imo they're better than the badger s/a brushes.
  3. dirty_j added a post in a topic amt 2007 dodge challenger???!!!!   

    yeah its been a big topic over on another forum............ honestly im a little dissapointed they axed it; but i agree that revell would be better suited to produce it. hopefully they'll give it a go; im keepin my fingers and toes crossed.
  4. dirty_j added a post in a topic Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?   

    id like to see a 35 willys coupe, a 36 dodge coupe, a 39 studebaker pickup, and a re-issue of the 68 charger.
  5. dirty_j added a topic in General   

    amt 2007 dodge challenger???!!!!
    will amt actually follow through with the new dodge challenger despite being dropped? hobbylinc has the item listed on their site as a pre-order.

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  6. dirty_j added a post in a topic decals needed......   

    thanks for that link zeb. i found the color me gone set at decals unlimited; no luck on the hippie hemi set.
  7. dirty_j added a post in a topic decals needed......   

    i had checked slixx........ all they show on their site is the color me gone charger sets; and no hippie hemi.
  8. dirty_j added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    decals needed......
    does anyone know where i can locate a set of decals for the color me gone challenger funny car and the hippie hemi cuda funny car??
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  9. dirty_j added a topic in On The Workbench   

    pink 71 challenger r/t wip
    nothing real special about it. resin kit from time machine, chassis and other parts bashed from the amt 70 challenger. using a tourqueflight from an mpc kit. model master panther pink with a healthy dose of white to brighten it up.
    still need to finish up all of the trim, the interior still needs touch ups and finishing touches. the engine is a nightmare....... still looking for a better set of carbs with more detail, and maybe an a/c compressor.
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