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Applying decals to rubber wheels

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Hey Everyone,

Building a Revell of Germany DTM Audi. Kit has rubber wheels with water slide decals for the tire lettering.

Any suggestions on how to go about applying?

I've used dry transfers in the past, but none are available for this type of car...



Are the tires truly rubber, or PVC (vinyl)?  That would make a big difference!


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I've never had very good success on the real rubber tires. The decals will not adhere well to the rubber's surface leaving white edges. Most clear coats are also not compatible with rubber and either never dry or flake off. 

If, however, the tires are vinyl...

If the surface is smooth, you can add them directly to the vinyl tire then overcoat with your desired level of sheen. I prefer Testors Flat Lacquer - yes, it works fine on vinyl tires. A few coats and the silvering (if any) and edge almost disappear. 

If the surface is dull, you can apply a coat or two of future, then decal and overcoat. I add decals to a lot of kit tires and this is how...

Just be careful handling the tires - if you are using the extremely annoying new Revell and Moebius fad of wheels, you have to install the wheels first or the decals or paint will crack when you bend the vinyl to fit those new fad annoying wheels - the ones with the ribs or ridge on them like diecast wheels, did I mention they are annoying...

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