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Resin Casting Brake Rotors

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Thought I would try to resin cast some brake rotors for a PT Cruiser convertible I'm working on, as the wheels are open and absence of rotors is quite noticeable. I am planning to use a rotor from a 1998 Firebird kit as a master, and use a one piece mold. Looking for advice on how to mold the center hole open so that the rotor will slip over the wheel.

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A mold will reproduce exactly what the master is. Exactly. So if your master has a hole in the center, your mold will produce a part that has a hole in the center.

Making molds requires adjusting your thinking to operate in negative space, and of course you realize that a one-piece mold is only capable of reproducing one side of a master.

This would imply you only want the outside, the part that shows through the wheel, to be molded.

So, you make your master with detail only on one side, with the exact size hole in the center that you want your part to have. 

You attach the back, flat side of the master to the mold-box floor, with the detailed side up. Pour your mold material (silicone, I assume) over it.

When it cures, pull the mold out of the mold-box, and remove the master. You now have a one-part mold that has detail on one side only, and a slug of material sticking up in the center that will be the hole in the center of the part.

But as Mike says, that's a lot of trouble to go to to make something, and you can buy ready-made resin brakes, some with beautifully photo-etched rotors, from a variety of manufacturers.

pgh1093_285.jpg    Image result for resin model car brake rotors     


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