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Amt Der beetle bus.....

Mr mopar

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Ive waited many years to get my hands on the Der Beetle Bus. The originals fetch a hefty price if you can find them. I got my reissues yesterday and think they're super cool. I will def pick up numerous copies of the other 2 versions in the series if/when they are released. 

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These are the other 2 of the 3. I have the van, and the new kit looks like it has the goofy arms from it. It shouldn't be too hard to close up the roof for a panel, and I think the pickup would be easy too. No surfboards or tow stuff, but shorty buses were huge back then. Not hard to bash with a Manx or pop a Vair motor in either. 

Just a silly fun kit that looks cool built. I've heard. I bought my van new in '69, it's not done yet. :o


.....thanks for that info, Christian.......your builds look terrific, and lets hope Round2 will pop out the rest of the set......best, the Ace....:D

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anybody got a photo of the green one? I would like to see it Thx

.......the second post in this topic is from a fella that got one and hates it by the sound of it....maybe he'd post pics if you asked him....mines the regular yellow one, and its great, considering I never buy weirdo stuff, but it was just too fun to pass up...the Ace...:D

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Resurrecting another zombie thread.  Just last week Mat Irvine wrote a Beetle Bus article for Scale Model News.  It includes parts layout and build-up of a "Katch The Kat" metallic-green reissue kit. Also a comparison with the original kit, showing parts from a junked glue-bomb that can't be saved (glued together with 2-part epoxy, he thinks).  I'm not a big fan of these goofy Kustom Kitastrophes, but I know a lot of people in here are.  So here you go:


Edit: page down from the Beetle Bus article, and there's a review of the Revell Lincoln Futura.

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