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New 3d Printed 32 Deuce Top

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  • 3 weeks later...

I finally got the Deuce top from Shapways.  For a first pass it came pretty good.  By that I don't think there will be much to adjust.  Often times there are connection points I have to adjust.  Next up is going to be the windshield posts that will have to fit up to this. Thoughts welcome!


Also of note which has been my big complaint about printing is the pitted like surface.  I ran the "white strong flexible polish" and it actually has a nice canvas look to it.  







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Very nice work on the roof Mike.

If your're using a chopped '32 windshield like (I think) your source photo shows then the kit posts should work. I modified these posts to fit my chopped windshield. This was the kit roof, smoothed out and chopped. I filled the rear window slot and added my own oval version.





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You know....I thought the same thing.  Which is part of the process.  When you make a part that has never been made there are always some changes that should be made.  I say that because It would seem highly unlikely that anything done the first time is the right one.  In this case I have been staring at it from different angles and it really does push the "chopped" look.  I have been thinking though maybe its too much also.  So before I rush to do another one I'm going to keep looking at it and give it some time to settle in.  You know what I mean?  Its so important for you guys to give me feedback.  My feelings are not going to get hurt if you guys tell me it sucks!  I actually really need your help to steer it to its final look.  So fire away.



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Off the car it looks perfect, but because it sits down somewhat over the body, at the sides, it leaves the windshield a bit low, in my opinion.  But of course in the real world there is no "right" height. I'd personally like a tiny bit higher windshield.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So after a week of looking a this.  I'm going to do a few adjustments.   

1. Extend the front half just bit.  This will reduce the angle at which the post will have to fit up to.

2.  Widen it just a hair.  Currently there is a stretch like fit to the rear body line.  I want a "just right" kind of fit.

3.  I'm going to raise the height just a bit also.  Yes I think it needs it, but just enough to keep the attitude.

I think its going to be great!

All good feedback guys!  I took it to the NNL and had some discussions with the folks there.  Overall reaction was great and wanted to let you all know where we stand.  I'll post up the updated pics in a couple weeks.



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