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I get the arguments about vehicles and character. Older cars and trucks have it, very few new vehicles do. But here's the thing; consumers demand certain things these days, and designers need to make that fit and work with whatever they're designing, both interior and exterior. You're the designer, now the company board comes to you and says "design this truck" and you get a list of 10000 features, and directions to make it look tough but luxurious, classic, but futuristic. It needs to be big, but can't look big. It needs to conquer Moab, but needs to be at home on Rodeo Drive. It needs to fit the lineup, but can't be derivative. You have a month for the preliminary mockup. Go.

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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 7:12 PM, tbill said:

Haha, try wheeling around a crew cab truck with an 8 foot bed, it’s just slightly shorter than a full sized school bus........

I do.

2013 Ford F-450 DRW.

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This one does seem to turn somewhat sharper than my  old 95 f-350 cc DRW gas engine. I wasn't trying to pick on Ram, just all trucks with a small bed. Hell my el Camino has a bigger bed than some of these new trucks. 

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15 hours ago, dieseldawg142 said:

I too get why the short, short boxes are made, but if you have a camper or are continually carrying stuff, longbox all the way for me...eight foot bed that don't need to be made...

don't mind the look of the new ram, but that interior...whooo- buttonitis!!...waaay to busy...don't think it's just cell phones distracting drivers now-a-days...:D

Maybe the 1500 Limited I have incoming will be better for you. Less buttons, bigger screen!




The stubby box isn't for everyone, butit's enough for most. And that's why you can buy trucks from any manufacturer with everything from 5.5ft boxes to 6.5ft shortboxes to 8ft longboxes, with three different cab configurations, four different weight classes, and a plethora of equipment and engine options. If a person can't build a truck to the spec they want, I'd be surprised.




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