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Revell 2007 SHELBY GT500


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Hello everyone,

it´s time to start my first "on the Bench"-topic now.



This one is on my bench since about November 2011. It has been in my showcase for five years now, waiting for completion.

I used it as a test project for some homemade parts (for example seatbelt hardware) and new techniques for me like flocking, weathering and BMF.

A few little things still left to do like shifter, steering wheel, intercooler and over all the paintjob.

I hope I finally get it finished this year.

First engine pics...




And the first mockup after shortening the front bumper...


First bumper out of the box ...



... now the nose looks more like a "Stang" to me. The wheels are from an Aoshima Nissan Skyline R34.


Suspension adjustment and disc brakes...



Because the kit sits a bit too high at the front I decided to lower it in an easy way by using styrene. It´s not the correct way to lower a car but for the model world it´s ok I think.

Disc Brakes were covered with BMF and after that sanded a little bit with 160 grid sandpaper. After sanding I applied black water color to make the sanding visible. Now they look like used discs.


New exhaust tips...




I know they are huge... :)


First time ever... weathering only with enamels



The axles are not glued yet because? Yes the driveshaft is still missing...


Seatbelt hardware and flocking



No comment, my first attempt for all of this...


And this is how it stands today...





Hope you like it...

Any suggestions and comments are welcome and much appreciated.


I really hope I get the rest of it done this year.

Greeets from Germany



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Looking good so far. You addressed the stance which is one of the biggest issues I have seen in this kit. I suppose it will be red based on the engine compartment, right?

My only comment so far is that the seats look very shiny. Maybe dull it a little if possible.


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