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U S Forest Service decals from 1950-60's

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I fire-crewed for the USFS in N. Cal. to put myself through college in the '60s (five summers): now I'd like to build a class 3 forest fire tanker.  These were slip-on units mounted on regular flatbed trucks which were self-contained with tank, pump, hoses, tool boxes and crew seats (out in the open!) and painted the old gray over green colors.  I'll need some decals for the doors; the Forest Service 'shield' and the 'for official use only' block, mostly.  Does any one know of a supplier for such stickers?

Also, the two trucks I was most involved with were a 1956 Chevy (265, but it tried harder!) and a 1964 Dodge (more torque, but not always reliable), and I wonder if anyone makes these as kits?  Of course, '55 would work for the Chevy, and Dodge made similar cab designs for a number of years.

It would be too much to hope that anyone had a slip-on class 3 unit to sell, but I think I can fab that; side tool boxes, B&S lunger motor and Gray Marine pump, etc. would be nice to locate.  

Also, I was foreman on a class 4 tanker, a LWB Dodge Power Wagon 4x4, which might be more available?  Last season I worked was '68, then the draft got me!

I'm 73, and trying to build all my collection; would like to add these.  Any help would be appreciated!!  I have some neat early '60s stuff to trade.

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You'd likely get better results in the Model Trucks section, or maybe a Mod can move it, please?

Member Aaronw is probably your best source of info, as he works for the US Dept of Agriculture/Forest Service, IIRC:


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