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The Yellow Fox

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As you probably guessed, this one's going to be a foxbody painted in a beautiful shade of peepee yellow. The project just got off the ground, so I don't have much to show other than Revell's curious interpretation of the 90 Mustang body. I'm no Mustang expert by any means, and my eyes definitely aren't the best, but it looks to me like they've taken the liberty of chopping the top for me lol. No big deal. It looks like a great kit, and to tell you the truth, I actually kind of like the lower roofline.


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Still not a whole lot to show, but I have a quick update on this one. I got my body color down, but I must've gotten a bad can of Model Master lacquer. The primer was sanded very smooth, but I still got unbelievable orange peel in the color which I'm chalking up to thick paint/low pressure. Even heating the can up and doing fast passes close to the body did nothing to alleviate the problem. No big deal, though. I pulled some from the can to be thinned and shot though my airbrush later tonight.

Part two for my update is I got some engine work done. I've always loved the look of unpainted, bare metal race engines, so I decided to go that route here. I know it looks like a spikey wire mess, but after a few touch ups and everything is routed where it belongs, it should look pretty decent.

(Excuse my horrible pictures. My white background was killed in action thanks to about 16 oz. of black coffee)



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Well, despite numerous attempts to save the yellow paint, the clear last night was the final nail in the coffin. The clear I was spraying started pulling the color away from the higher edges, so in the pond it went. I also learned that Super Clean SUCKS at stripping MM lacquers. 91% rubbing alcohol is the way to go.

Time to start over, I guess. I'm thinking a black metallic body with this cool burnt copper for the stripe. I think I like that better than the yellow idea anyway.




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