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1948 Ford Convertible


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I was meaning to post this a while back when a thread about the 1948 IMC/Testors Ford came up--------this one kept calling to me to take pics of it after being discovered from being put away for many years!

Of course I couldn't find the boot for it, so thanks to Bill Stillwagon for giving me a spare boot at the Super September Showdown last week to put on the car!

Thanks much Bill!

Here's some pics of what she's like...............not a difficult kit to build, but a bit fiddly as most of the body parts are separate and the doors and hinges could use some reworking if I were building this as a new build today.











The car was painted Model Master Light Ivory to replicate the "Maize Yellow" which was one of the few colors for the '48 Ford. I believe the interior was a mixture of Tamiya water based tans to get the interior color.

Built pretty much out of the box except for the plug wires in the engine. I also think this was one of the first models where I used BMF..........funny how the Bare Metal Foil of the early '90's was much better than the ###### they're putting out today! :unsure:

The newer tool Revell '48 Ford's got it all over this old tool...........but there's something neat about building this car. Guess it's the nostalgia from how well the tooling has held up over the years considering the tooling was already quite old when Testors reissued this in the late '80's! :lol:

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Excellent work! I, for one know thats no easy kit to build! I got one way back in the '70s and thought thats got to be one of the most difficult & complicated kits I seen at the time and started on it but never did get to finish it.

You did a fantastic job on it and sure gave justice to that complex kit! Keep up the good work! :unsure:

~ Jeff

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I also remember trying to build that kit in its original IMC boxing back in the early 70s. . .and royally effing it up. One of the least "idiot-proof" kits ever tooled, I think; the ProModeler kit was certainly a breath of fresh air by comparison.

Fine job on that old war horse; especially like your choice of colors.

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Lovely job on a difficult to build kit at best!!! I had the coupe version of that kit in junior high - it "became" a convertible after several botched attempts to fit the roof section. Kinda hard to explain a rep/stock convertible with no boot and a Testors Comp Orange paint job, though.... B)B)

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Hey Bill, theres a guy that lived in Dallas Texas years ago that had a 48 that looked identical to the one you modeled. I wish I still was in contact with members of the Early V-8 club, they would appalud your'e work! Ed Shaver

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