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2 hours ago, Dave G. said:

No I haven't tried that espo. Why do you think the coupe fenders might be better ? I've built several of each over the years but too, several were cut down into modified circle track cars. I just assumed the two fender sets were the same.  My favorite in stock or street and strip car is the sedan by a fair margin over the coupe though. I like both the 39 and 40 versions of each but the 39 has a couple of elements that are incorrect ( the dash is wrong for a 39 but correct for the 40 and 39 wiper blades were mounted at the top of the windshield not along the cowl. And the 39 had a floor shift so the column shift is incorrect in the kit, though they do give you a chrome stick for the floor that needs paint). This last one I built as a 39, copying one I built as a kid in dark green and tan interior. I think if I built a coupe right now it would be the Revell/Monogram 40 standard  built bone stock maybe in dark blue, although black might be appealing...

By the way, the 40 hood fits the sedan body cowl better than the 39 hood does too. But it's incorrect out front in both profile for a 39 and to fit the 39 grill.


My reasoning on the fender switch has to do with the universal nature of the sedan Fenders since the grills and hoods are designed to be either a '39 or a '40 standard and the '40 Deluxe. The coupe fenders are '40 Deluxe only. I agree with you if you're building a '39 or a "40 Standard the Revell kit is a much better kit. When this sedan kit was released many years ago it was considered one of the very best of anything you could buy. I still like it along with the '40 Sedan Delivery they released a few years later. 

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I have the same problem with a couple of full fendered cars that I've worked on, but haven't worked out a solution yet, but I certainly will when I resume work on them.

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