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I may have stumbled on to something useful.  A cheap “nail art” kit may be helpful in detailing, particularly in interiors.  Just briefly tested a couple items but the paint dot applicators seem to work well and the tiny tapes do seem to stick to styrene, even painted styrene.  I think the brushes are the cheap one and done version but could be useful for glue applicators.  So far, no use for the stickers and sparkly things but, who knows?

Anyway, thought this might be of use to some, cheap and available on Amazon.


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22 hours ago, CabDriver said:

Those little rhinestones are good for making mirrors.  Or putting on a jacket, I guess ?

I've picked up a bunch of little rhinestones and similar stuff at Hobby Lobby & Michael's over the years.  They come in really handy.

Red and blue ones can be used for lights on emergency vehicles.  I was recently detailing a 1/24 Model T taillight, and found some red, blue and clear ones the right size.  As you mentioned, when I needed some round rear-view mirrors for a forklift, a couple of the silver ones were perfect.

I use small ZipLoc bags to separate them by size and color, so I can find the right one easier. 

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