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On 4/30/2020 at 5:38 AM, Erik Smith said:

That’s a great looking old car. The chrome looks  like it’s amazingly preserved. I like what looks like the original upholstery pattern on the seats and door panel. 
Looks like an interesting place to visit as well. Looks like a 62 Chrysler 300 two doors down? And I see way back there my wife’s old four door Chevette!?

I think that was actually a Newport. Yeah, this this guy's got all kinds of weird and neat stuff. Prices aren't the lowest, but they're not completely crazy, either, for the most part.

On another note, last payment was mailed, car should be home in about 10-12 days.

Charlie Larkin

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Well, Governor Baker (Mass.) and Governor Lamont (Connecticut, where the car was), got into a whizzing match over who could out-crisis the other, so I couldn't get the car in my driveway until September.

I tried to clear the garage to get it under cover for winter, but that didn't happen, so, unfortunately, it was outside. Fortunately, the winter was overall pretty light here.

The car is missing:

1. The original oil-bath air cleaner, which was missing. I located one in West Virginia, and it's now in the basement.

2. A gas tank. I also need a trunk floor to attach it to. I do have the straps, anyway.

3. The keys. which is turning into a very interesting problem,. as apparently, getting these locks (re)keyed or repaired is an exercise in "you have got to be kidding me."

I'm trying to set enough money aside to get the car titled. Because it was off the road for over 40 years, there are no tax or registration receipts, and Massachusetts will not allow me to transfer it to my name, so I have to register it in Vermont, get the plate there, THEN transfer the title to Massachusetts (Vermont only requires a bill of sale and has no property/residency requirement). So I have to pay for it twice.

Aside from what I didn't have, all the parts were there. This spring, I intend to get it running, even if off a gas can. Most likely a gas can. New tanks are $500.

This is it coming off the truck, and a few other photos.

If anyone has any leads on a complete, matched lock set (doors, ignition, trunk/glove compartment), please let me know.

Charlie Larkin

1977 Nebraska inspection sticker.jpg

Drivers door inside.jpg

Home at last.jpg

Home at last.jpg










Roof-no headliner.jpg

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