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Restoring AMT El Toro funny car from 1972

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I bought this kit around 1972 when I was 12.  The body went on a Piranha chassis, the El Toro chassis went who knows where, and the engine was used in some project.  When cleaning out my parents house I found all kinds of stuff, including the body and a lot of the engine. I was going to strip the body and put it on a Model King Camaro FC chassis (the El Toro shared its chassis with the Camaro, Nitro Charger and Novacaine FCs).  However, the paint was in pretty decent shape. So I’m going to remove the hood decal which is in bad shape, keep the side decals, and polish the blue paint. A “test polish” worked well, and I have a decent “repop” of the hood flame decal.  So I’ve built the Camaro chassis, used the El Toro engine (with parts box injectors), will use the Camaro headers, Revell front wheels and tires, modify the Camaro tin, and be good to go!



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I like it! Restoring old build drag cars is one of my favorite activities. Trying to find all the right parts is part of the fun. I have an old build El Toro and a couple of Mopower kits that can use your style of rebuild.

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