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AMT 58 Impala


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1958 Impala is my all time favourite car. I had already built one of these as a drag car. I had trouble with the opening doors, and there was a lot of bare metal foil used. To make a stock car racer, I glued the doors shut and puttied up the lines, then I sanded off all the trim. Filled the headlights and taillights with Tamiya putty. Tamiya 23 light blue paint , Plastic Performance wheels and tires. I can’t remember who made the decals. (Ain’t it great getting old)?D9535A52-4866-4032-81D3-F2A439614B7E.thumb.jpeg.d923f2bbb05d8542f21edf37e708edff.jpeg36F72C8E-3F7B-4F09-87CA-91810B6512E4.thumb.jpeg.e8d014d55fa4a7d16a566af9bbc256cc.jpegE4E9F1C3-BCE4-49DF-B2E2-9FFDD4E0BF2C.thumb.jpeg.42ea02fa3646c0f13c3b6ceec059c1e1.jpegF5246EAB-0F7C-4561-A8C9-886301DAAE57.thumb.jpeg.5d398e079582a181fc836d1ddfa7672b.jpegC69E334D-8D70-4B95-9583-3F98F131848F.thumb.jpeg.c5bb5caa95d186888fd5a35329b4b8ca.jpegF9066370-5BCC-4FE0-93B4-3F6E7E9259AE.thumb.jpeg.a1b6dd4d3e573b4ef4bab090577758ac.jpegA7708B77-8D44-4A6C-B7DC-2F31709BF288.thumb.jpeg.cfe93b33ef220f9a38d8cb98c07cf2e5.jpeg5731B6B2-1645-4470-9CBB-77BA51BAF4B9.thumb.jpeg.adbfad350e3d9692846196594c1cce7d.jpeg

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