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Fast Trax Spring Con


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I made it.  A man came by the table and I said, "Let me make you a deal on everything I got," meaning of course whatever you are looking for.  He replied, "OK, how much for all of it?"  I made him a quote, which was way too low, and he took it.  Kind of glad I didn't have to bring it all back home, but I let some really good stuff go for pennies on the dollar.  Now I will have to go through my stash again and get a box ready for the Simpsonville Show next month, I already have a table reserved. Pretty good show overall.  I won a couple in the raffle that will be going in my for-sale pile.  Found a kit of an F-4D that had decals for Capt. Steve Ritchie's ace. I was at Udorn, Thailand when he scored his 2nd and 3rd kills and worked on that particular F-4, I had to have it and the price was really good.  Also picked up one of Fast-Trax's Moebius's Chevy II Gassers for $20, couldn't pass up a deal like that.  Wish we could have met up, maybe at the CKM show in Clemmons.

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Yeah, sorry I missed you. I will definitely be at the CKM Show in August.For several years, it was the only show I attended (because I lived in Clemmons). I've been tossing around the idea of getting a table, and selling off some of my duplicates. But I would only buy more kits, lol. Plus I like to enter some of my builds, and look around & socialize. I could ask my wife to man the table, but she's not always available to go with me.



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