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Been away from the bench.....

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Gettin' me a new computer, needed to make room in my studio/workem up shop for the computer, as well as keep styrene and other stray bits out of it. Been building walls in a nice sized room adjacent to my studio.


Yeah, them's baseboard heaters-- that don't work.

They blowed up a couple years ago.


Nice size--about 8'6"X 8'.

Plenty big enuff for SKWILRY and SPARKYtongue.gif .


Paint & other toxicaters goin' out the window.



Won't take much to heat this cozy little workshopsmile.gif

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So, are we to ASSUME you'll be workin on da Skwoill again soon? WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! Now that you've gotten you a regler "STUDIO" ta woik in, whilst the rest of us po folk ain't got nuttin but a simple room ta build in. I spect ta see some WONDERFUL creations commin outta it!!!!laugh.gifbiggrin.gifwink.gif Glad ya gottcha a new playroom!wink.gif

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