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I read weasel's how-to on using an old toothbrush and real dirt to "dirty up" a sprint car and was tickled with the results on a kitbash Firebird/Bronco I'm working on. I used Tamiya acrylic and was more than satisfied with the initial results.


I was trying to get to sleep tonight and a hair-brained idea hit me. I am a user of nasal spray due to bad sinuses and wondered if an old pump style mister might give a similar effect with less mess. I just happened to have a dead bottle on the bench and, after rinsing it out, filled it about 1/4 full of the same Tamiya paint. A couple of squirts and voila! - instant mud! The density of the "glob" can be adjusted by varying the distance from the body. A little thinning agent would make it ooze down the sides like wet mud. You could also use a little black and have a nice spray of oil from a blown motor or exhaust!

Just make sure you label the bottle so you don't grab the wrong one... Might make for an interesting conversation with the doctor. :D

Hope this works for ya! Happy modeling!


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i never thought of that!!

'course, my head's not stuffed up!! lol

always more ways to skin a chicken!!

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