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glue removal

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I have a 1961 Buick Special wagon that some kid (very solidly) glued a bunch of the glue-on ticky-tack to. The only way I can think of to remove it is verycareful application of a chisel-point X-Acto blade. I've yet to try the freezer trick. I've been told that works best by dampening the parts in question and putting it in a Zip-Lock bag, allowing the water to freeze and expand, which pushes the parts apart.

Anyone else?

Charlie Larkin

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Costic soda bath works ok on the older type glues, as well as striping the paint off, , BUT BE CAREFUL with it, it does emit fumes when the caustic is mixed with warm water let the solution cool before you place it in, I mix it strong, and give it a rough scrape with some 360 w/dry paper so the caustic can get under the paint when it comes out the glue is also brittle, so most of it can be picked off or scraped off gently, it will not work on revells blue tube needle type glue, as this melts the plastic together

care needs to be taken with the freezer trick, as two things can happen, one turns the plastic brittle so when you are manipulating the plastic it can crack it, and two, as the ice is forming it can also crack the plastic

Hope this helps

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I've also had some sucess using Testors liquid glue by soaking the glue joint with the liquid glue over and over and then prying the part apart. I did this on the 63 Impala that I restored. Nothing else worked on getting the glue to break loose. Again you have to be very careful cause the liquid glue can melt the parts you're trying to get apart. Dan

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