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I see alot of WIP threads that have pictures of cars that appear to be almost fully assembled but mostly unpainted. I realize that alot have custom work, and I understand that. But ive also seen quiet a few that dont look like they are modified. My question, what are the advantages/disadvantages of putting it together then taking it apart, then doing it all over?

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it is what we call a "mock up"

and though it is not fool proof it is a good way to see if everything fit properly

think about it, would you rather have to sand down a part that has been clear, painted and primered just because it didnt fit right or would you rather find out before you clear, paint primer and glue everything down ?

then there is also the "stance" to consider...there are times that you want to play with the suspension to get the rake right.

not to mention the addition of aftermarket parts, spoilers, hoodscoops and what have you.

and finally (and this might just be me personally) but it helps to see the "finished" product before it is finished to...well...finish it ;)

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I use either white elmers glue (because it doesn't stick to plastic), tape or something called easy tack used for hanging posters and such. You can get it in the office supply area. It's a sticky putty. Real custom cars are mocked up before they are painted to test for fit and stance. It's the only way to make sure your DeSoto Firedome fits in the back of your '34 Ford when mated up to the GT40 transaxle...

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